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Decoding The Online User Shopping Journey For India

India is a growing country that stands as the 4th largest E-Retail platform in the world. With the growth and prosperity of e-commerce, the users of these platforms have played a big role and are the reason behind trajectory growth expected by online shopping platforms in the years to come.

In order to ensure that these users are satisfied and do not face any hardships while shopping online, we have analyzed the factors for the same to ensure more comfort and effortless shopping experience for existing and prospective customers which will also act as a great source of attraction for the users and result into positive revenue generation.

So here we decode some tips that can be for all businesses who sell online to enhance their customer experience and fill their pockets better.

9 Minutes to impress your customer

With the increasing use of the internet by users all over, the time spent on E-Retail platforms has also increased manifold. But every user spends not more than 9 minutes per visit on these platforms. So your business has just 9 minutes to convince the user to buy your products. 

To achieve this target improve your web presence and make it more appealing and eye-catchy to convincing and pull the prospective customers by using the best possible use of marketing skills and tools.

Buffalo Soldiers TIP: Make the best use of these 9 minutes to impress the users and make them fall in love with your brand.

Enhance your Product Catalog

Fill your catalog with all the colors you target for your customers and get them incorporated in the best quality images and videos to showcase what your brand or business truly stands for.

And don’t forget the success mantra, ” All that is seen is what is being sold”. So invest more in visual content and come out with the best video marketing strategy to rule the game as 1 in every 2 user visits the photo gallery in contrast to 1 in every 15 users who look for product description.

Ensure Multilingual Communication

Vernacular searches are the new trend nowadays in India. So to ensure that your business tops these searches, incorporate the relevant keywords in local and vernacular languages that your business caters to.

This is a good practice to widen the base of your target audience and get top ranking in e-commerce search results as 10% of online searches on E-Retail platforms are vernacular which can help to enhance the online visibility. 

Display everything that your brand caters

Users tend to browse more when they use online platforms for shopping, so make sure your brand or business provides a wide collection of products that it caters, to enhance the user experience and enable them to browse, browse and browse. 

This practice is usually undertaken by the user to explore the available collection and get confidence in the product before buying and as per the search undertaken by Flipkart and Bain & Co. users browse more than 20 product pages, on an average before making any purchase online and when it comes to categories like smartphones, electronics gadgets, and women ethnic wear the users tend to browse 50-60 product pages.

E-retail is the new product search engine

Users have started using E-Retail portals as a platform to search for products online. In fact, 1 out of every 3 product searches in India takes place on E-Retail platforms which is equivalent to 35% of the total searches by the Indian population. So ensure all the basic details and features are well described through videos, photos and content which not just caters to user knowledge but tempts them to buy the same from you.

Buffalo Soldiers TIP: Use the best content marketing strategy to get the top rankings in product search results!

Let your business taste all the diversity that India possesses

No single business can cater to all consumer preferences and the customer experience of every business differs from each other.

So following are some of the interesting insights which can be helpful for multiple brands and businesses:

  1. Brands and businesses must customize their offerings and communication to tap more potential customers and generate higher revenue. 
  2. Tier-2 cities are major contributors in buying personal care and apparels and are creating an equivalent demand to tier 1, densely populated cities.
  3. Brand and themes are the most popular searches in men’s clothing. 
  4. Personal care searches are mostly driven by brand searches with 45% of total buyers being men.
  5. Occasion and fabric are popular searches in women’s clothing and especially Kanjivaram sarees are very popular which accounts for 1 out of every 5 sarees sold through E-Retail platforms.

These are some of the key factors which are influencing the user journey of customers during online shopping. So ensure that your business fulfils these criteria in the best way possible to get the most efficient outputs. And if you are looking for some marketing guidance to enhance your web presence than reach out to Buffalo Soldiers to revamp your marketing experience. 

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