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5 Brands That Are Acing Their Social Media Campaigns

The emergence of Social Media has changed the way we perceive the world. With a majority of the world population spending hours online, companies big and small have started approaching their target market on various online platforms with social media management being at the forefront.

It has become easier for brands to communicate ideas and messages through social media platforms. Social networking sites have made the interaction between the brands and customers easy and direct. Social media management has benefited brands in various amazing aspects.

Here are the 5 brands we feel are acing their social media campaigns:

1. Netflix

If there’s a contest of constructing the foremost wonderful meme, Netflix’s Social media management is certainly winning it. Where most of the big brands are running away from memes, Netflix is showing us how it’s done with timely, relevant, and actually funny memes, something that’s really refreshing coming from a brand.

The number of engagements, impressions, and conversation initiated with the use of memes alone is just one of the many factors that make Netflix a pro at Social media management.

2. Sabyasachi

With so many Bollywood celebrities and royal weddings taking place, Sabyasachi as a brand has boomed on social media. Glamorous and royal, brides wrapping themselves up in a Sabyasachi designed cloth makes every young girl wish to wear one at her wedding too. Sabyasachi Mukherjee, on his social media handles, is not just posting images of celebs wearing his designed clothes but is also engaging in storytelling. To be more specific, Sabyasachi is huge on Instagram. 

The official handles uploads innumerable videos and images of models and ‘not so famous’ brides as well, posing elegantly which gives out a feeling of royalty. An Instagram user who follows Sabyasachi is sure to have his/her feed flooded with this brand’s posts. Perfect Social media management. 

3. Durex:

Durex, the condom brand has engineered its social media empire with much gusto and imagination on a subject much fear to tread, especially in a country like India. The social media management team of Durex is acing their social media campaign with quirky and Z-factor posts.

This is how Durex reacted to the Mankading incident during an IPL match by Ravi Ashwin when he ran out Jos Buttler on the non-striker’s end before bowling. Hats off to their social media management team.

4. Zomato:

Food is something that catches everybody’s attention. Zomato’s Social media management team recognizes this and uses it to their full advantage. It is known for picking up current issues and connecting them with food. This drives huge engagement and creates a social chatter. Another thing about Zomato is that they are very speedy is responding to their customers. This food aggregator uses social media to disseminate their message and also ensure maximum customer service and care. Hats off to Zomato. Food doesn’t have a religion. It is a religion.

5. Parle-G:

Parle-G has been delighting the Indian taste-buds for ages. There’s nothing like dipping Parle-G in hot chai on a cold winter morning! 

Parle-G’s social media team understands this, they understand the nostalgic factor this product brings out and make social media posts which are timely, relevant and appealing.

Author avatar
Vibhor Dhamija