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10 Clever Ways To Get More Comments On Instagram This Month

The wind brushing through your hair is carrying thousands of signals. Well, it may sound like a ridiculous thought but think about it? We are the inhabitants of the internet generation. A race in human history where everything is connected and everyone is ‘stalkable’ so to speak. The generation Z, as they say, is the one spending more waking hours on a daily basis scrolling through their screen. This in return has given marketeers a new dimension in their portfolio to market services/products. When drawing content strategies to market a particular product or service, marketers are preparing content for every touchpoint which includes social media channels and e-mail marketing.  As far as social media is concerned, Instagram is the defining platform for many businesses to showcase their products and reaching out to their niche.

The social media strategies are also one of the only marketing strategies which are traceable and can be tracked through numbers and figures. Social media analytics has given marketers the statistics to judge the marketing practices and discuss them in boardroom meetings. 

The importance of social media is evident in this day and age. To understand how you as a marketer can use Instagram for its maximum capabilities and reach out to the right audience, here are 15 Clever Ways to Get More Comments on Instagram This Month:

  • Quality Matters

Present imaging technologies make it possible for people to click or create images of amazing quality. A quality post is not only engaging but eye-catching as well. Use high-resolution images whenever possible.

  • Quantity Matters too

Consistency is one of the surest plans for any form of success. Same goes for content on Instagram. Make sure to post constantly at regular intervals to maintain engagement. 

  • Timing is the key

Social media defines the way of life for people these days. But due to hectic schedules and work commitments, people unconsciously choose to scroll through media at a certain time. People check Instagram mostly in the morning when they start their day and during lunchtime as well. 

  • Hashtags are your friends!

Hashtags are like the pillars or crawlers who help people to search for your content. Use relevant hashtags in all your posts to make it visible to the right kind of audience. 

  • Images make the mood map

Right images attract the right kind of people. Use a mood board and follow a certain color scheme in all your Instagram posts to make your wall look sleek and consistent. 

  • Engagement defines communication

As much as posting is a crucial part of Instagram marketing, it is also important to reply to the people who comment on your posts to maintain engagement and make people connected with your brand.

  • People listen to People – User listen to User

Marketeers abide by the fact that user experience is highly affected by the reviews on your page. It creates a positive experience when a user talks about your product or service on Instagram. Use it effectively.

  • Videos are the new age communicators

Today, if you scroll through social media, you will see many video posts with pictures and static posts. This is because the engagement time has increased in the last few years. Make compelling and short videos for your users with right CTAs.

  • Moderate bad words

It is important to post constantly on Instagram but it is also important to get rid of bad words and comments on your posts. Find a creative way to reply to bad comments or you could also opt for deleting these comments.

  • Creativity takes you places

Say goodbye to the good old grids on Instagram. It’s the age of creatively showcasing your posts and making your wall look creative and engaging. 

So, if you are looking to engage with the right niche for your business, Instagram is your platform. Get in touch on www.buffalosoldiers.com, the best social media agency in India to upscale your social media strategy. 

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