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Why Google Is Giving $340 Million In Google Ads Credit To Small And Medium Businesses Globally

The pandemic situation caused by COVID19 or Corona Virus has trapped the entire world into an unparalleled situation of drastic slowdown and recession. It has led to serious repercussions on everyone but most severely to daily wage earners and small and medium enterprises.

In order to support and provide relief to these demographic segments, many organizations and individuals have come forward to help these marginalized communities. One such step has also been taken by Google, when it has announced to contribute $800 million to support small and medium businesses (SMB), health organizations, government, and health workers. Out of this massive amount, Google has pledged a donation of $340 million solely to support small and medium businesses to stay connected to their customers. And one of the sole reasons for supporting these small and medium businesses by google is because they are the backbone of our communities are provides employment opportunities to more than half of the world’s population.

This sum of $340 million will be available in the form of Google ad credits for regular SMB users of Google Ad on any platform with an aim to connect them with their prospective customers and encourage sales during this global pandemic.

Along with this, Google is also contributing an additional $20 million as Ad Grants to NGO’s and community financial institutions to run PSA’s. Also to provide critical information related to precautionary and preventive measures on COVID19, Google has increased the Ad Grants from $25 million initially to $250 million now to government agencies and the World Health Organization (WHO).

What is the reason behind selecting Google Ad Credits as an option to serve the affected SMB?

Google advertisements had played a major role in all types of businesses to get connected with their target audience and widen their customer base. It has also prompted sales and has ensured ease of doing business for many.

 But due to the global pandemic in 2020 due to Corona Virus, small and marginalized businesses are the worst hit. It has broken the chain of marketing and advertisements which connects the buyer with the seller. So to reconnect this broken chain of engagement, google has taken this step to support SMB who were using Google Ads to engage with their customers on regular basis and to bring their affected business back on track.

What is the eligibility to get free Google Ad Credits?

Free Google ad credit is available to only those small and medium-sized businesses who have actively spent money on Google Ads in at least 10 out of 12 months of 2019 and in the months of January and February in 2020. This advertisement expense can be made in any mode either directly or indirectly through a partner.

There is no application procedure to apply for this free Google Ad Credits and the selection of eligible businesses will be done entirely by the global team of Google which heads the department of Google Ads and interact with these customers on a daily basis. It also takes into account whether the eligible businesses have also complied with the advertising policies or not. From the pool of eligible SMB, those businesses which meet both the criteria as mentioned above will be receiving free ad credits in their respective Google Ad accounts.

However, this opportunity is not available for new users of Google Ads who have started promoting their businesses for less than a year with Google but have been designed to encourage participation on Google Ads and support regular and loyal customers of Google Ads who have invested a lot of money in Google Ads and have pulled back their ad campaigns due to global pandemic situation.

What is the validity of Google Ad Credits?

Google Ad Credits received by eligible small and medium businesses can use the same to reach out to their target customers only during the year 2020. If not used during the stipulated time period, the free ad credit points credited to eligible SMB Google Ad accounts will stand canceled and cannot be used further. These ad credits are also not transferable, cannot be split and are non-refundable.

What is the procedure to use Google Ad Credits?

Google has launched this free ad credit facility for New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Italy, and Germany and will soon reach out to many more countries as listed in order to support as many small and medium-sized businesses as possible.

Initially, ad credits will be automatically applied to eligible Google Ad accounts with the billing address in the above-mentioned cities. It will be followed by email notification to all eligible users who meet the eligibility criteria and have received ad credits in their Google Ad accounts.

These credits can be used throughout 2020 across any of the Google ecosystems, including Google search, display, youtube, or on any type of campaign.

So to know more about Google Ad Credits and latest updates, check out Buffalo Soldiers as we present stories in a way you enjoy reading.

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