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5 Latest Google Ads Features And How To Make The Best Use Of Them

On its various platforms, Google has launched new smart features and ways to purchase ads. There would be a learning curve, as there always is a novelty. We looked at the effect of these changes on over 13,000 accounts at SEISO, the leading PPC insight website. Here’s how to put them to work for you.

#1. Get Free Listing On Google Shopping

Image Source: Paramount Digital

Don’t get me wrong: Google Shopping is still mostly a sponsored PPC channel, but you can also profit from its free traffic. 

What is the point of having a free option? Most other price comparison websites were removed from Google’s SERPs after the launch of the shopping channel (Shopping.com, Shopzilla, BizRate).

Even though it is still under appeal, Google has made updates to ensure that other choices are available on its platforms and SERPs in addition to its own.

To make it work for you, follow these steps:

  • To begin, optimize your Shopping Ads and learn which items generate the most clicks and conversions. 
  • You should go to your Google Merchant Center account in the Growth Menu once you’ve trimmed the feed and sites. Set “Surfaces across Google” to “ACTIVE” as well. This feature was initially only available in the United States and India, but it is now being rolled out globally.

#2. Pay Only For Sales For Youtube And Display Ads

Image Source: Make My Sales

On the Display network, performance-based targeting is now available. It typically means a smaller scope than a CPM or Trueview campaign, but you’ll get incremental conversions while keeping your budget under control.

But keep in mind that this is a black box. The algorithm will determine whether or not to show your ad based on how much money it will generate to Google. It’s a virtuous cycle if your services reach an audience, and you’ll get a tonne of volume. Otherwise, the campaign can not gain momentum at all.

To make it work for you, follow these steps:

  • Smart Display can be used in conjunction with a tCPA or tROAS bidding strategy. This helps you to keep the Smart Display framework’s benefits while maintaining access.

#3. Advanced Customer Acquisition

Image Source: Single Grain

The lifetime value can now be considered in Google Shopping. In the Smart Shopping campaign’s settings, choose “New Customer Acquisition.” Signify how much more you’re willing to pay per conversion for a new customer than a returning one.

If your conversion CPA is $42 and you set the new customer value to $38, for example. The campaign would be able to pay up to $80 for new customers and $42 for current customers.

To make it work for you, follow these steps:

Make sure you’re keeping track of your new customers; there are two methods for doing so, and both should be used:

  • Ascertain that your Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts are connected. This way, the algorithm is aware of all sales made on your website, regardless of where they came from.
  • Set distinct tags for new and returning customers and leave the rest to your e-commerce site or tag manager. Depending on the customer’s status, you must show one or the other sign.

#4. Offline Conversions

Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Local searches account for 30% of mobile queries, according to Google, and they are the fastest-growing category. In addition, 75% of users who conduct a local search can visit a store within 24 hours. This is a significant amount of conversion that has been missed due to online monitoring.

Just for that, a new version of Google Ads’ local campaigns has been released. Local initiatives use GPS and WiFi to determine the user’s location. Google can display advertisements for businesses that have a presence near the user’s current location.

To make it work for you, follow these steps:

You’ll need to set up an omnichannel monitoring system that includes offline elements to succeed. You’ll be able to calculate various forms of conversions from there. For each campaign, you can build a set of conversion actions.

#5. Push Gallery Ads Over All Networks

Image Source: The Verge

On Google, Gallery Ads and Showcase Shopping Ads are worth testing! Visual information is valued by 85 percent of respondents over text information. 

In all categories except electronics, household products, and wine and spirits, at least 50% of customers prefer visual details over text. (Research conducted by the Purpose Lab in February 2019)

Google also introduced Gallery Ads, a modern ad format that is built into the Search Network. Since these ad formats are only for smartphone screens, advertisers can make a bigger impact than they do with a text ad. Google will continue to represent your creatives to the same user on new placements.


Google is constantly adding new features to test, and testing early is the secret to getting a state-of-the-art Google Ads account. With these 5 latest Google Ads Features, you are already fully configured and have won the best positions until the features hit mass acceptance.

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Arundhati Sensharma