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Top 5 SEO Trends To Look For In 2021

Every year comes with new challenges and various ways to solve them. What smart marketers do is that they always keep a track of rising and falling SEO trends in the market, and keep improving their content accordingly. Today with this blog, we are here with the Top 5 SEO Trends of 2021 so that you know well about the current trends and make changes to your current strategies to rank higher in SERPs.

#5. E.A.T. Principle

core web vitals with performance distribution

Image Source: Akshay Ranganath Github

Google introduced Core Web Vitals in 2020 to improve the overall user experience of people using the search engine. In 2021, Core Web Vitals is going to be a leading factor behind the ranking of a particular page. 

To make sure you rank higher, you must focus on improving the Core Web Vitals of your website as Google is going to analyze it extensively from this year onwards. 

The three things that Google looks for in a website while analyzing the Core Web Vitals are:

  • LCP: Largest Contentful Paint 

LCP measures the loading speed of a page and the time taken by it to show its contents to the user. To have a good LCP your website should take a maximum of 2.5 seconds to load completely.  

  • FID: First Input Delay

FID is the time taken by the website to become interactive to the user after getting completely loaded. 

Being interactive means the ability of a website to register any input made by the user or any action taken by the user on the website. 

According to Google’s guidelines, this time should not be more than 100 ms to have a good FID score.

  • CLS: Cumulative Layout Shift

CLS is the measure of unexpected layout changes in a website while a user is interacting with it.  

CLS is measured by Google to know the visual stability of a website and the volume of unexpected changes in the visual content. 

CLS should be as low as possible to have a better impact on the users. A good CLS score to aim for is 0.1. 

#4.  Optimize Content With E.A.T. Principle

Image result for E.A.T. seo strategy

Image Source: UP Larn

Content quality is the key to rank higher on the results page. But wait, how does Google determine the content quality of a page? To answer this, Google has rolled out the E.A.T. principle.

E.A.T. is short for Expertise, Authority, and Trust. These are the three factors that determine the content quality of a web page.

The E.A.T. principle is especially relevant to your money, your life (YMYL) business niches. 

The E.A.T. principle focuses on branding as SEO is steadily shifting towards branding and authority. To establish an online brand you need the three things – Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness.  

To improve the E.A.T. of your website create brand awareness and add as try to have your backlinks on trusted websites that have .gov, .edu, etc in their URLs.

#3.  Focus On The Local SEO Of Your Page

How to Optimize Your WordPress Website for Local SEO

Image Source: wpexplorer

Local SEO targets a more specific audience based on their location. In 2021, you must optimize your content by following Local SEO strategies to rank higher. With upcoming SEO Trends, Local SEO might become a must-have for all digital marketers.

Local SEO is growing rapidly as it has higher chances to appear on Google’s featured snippets and Zero-Click searches, in which the user doesn’t need to step out from Google to get answers to their queries. 

#2. The BERT Algorithm

Image result for BERT

Image Source: dev

Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers is a fairly new Google algorithm that has been launched to allow Google to interpret the intention of users to search for a particular term and provide them with the most relevant content possible to solve their problem or to answer their query.

To get a higher rank in Google’s results page for a specific query, make sure that you cover all the aspects of that topic and answer specific questions or solve specific problems of people.

#1. Artificial Intelligence Can Change The Game

Image Source: Quick Website SEO

AI is that secret ingredient that can do wonders to whichever field it gets added. When combined with the SEO of your page, AI can take both your page and business to the next level. AI has the strongest possibility to become the SEO Trend of 2021.

Google’s fairly new algorithm RankBrain is on trend now and following this algorithm can promise you a higher rank in Google’s results page for years to come as RankBrain has a unique ability to learn.

RankBrain uses click-through rate, bounce rate, time spent by user on-page, and several such metrics to determine the content quality and once your page passes all the parameters, RankBrain will make it rank higher on the results page.


So, these were the top 5 SEO Trends that we can expect to see in 2021. Trends keep changing and so do Google’s algorithms. It’s always smarter to grab every coming opportunity by changing ourselves accordingly. We hope after reading this blog you’ll make the necessary changes to your page and boost up your ranking in SERPs. Stay tuned! 

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Arundhati Sensharma