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The Importance Of Social Media Marketing: 5 Stats That Prove Social’s Role In Business Success

The importance of social media marketing is the hottest gospel online. There has been never a time when people felt more connected or were glued to their devices for that matter. 

Let’s break the ice, and share one with you that will set things in perspective: Nearly 81% of the world’s population actively uses social media, with that number being 4.95 billion! That’s a lot of people. How are you going to get their attention? It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get ready for a fight.

But, this fight is online, and it’s not alike the ones that people have for the sake of arguing, but rather a fight that will help you establish yourself in the market that you’re looking to compete in. How do we do that, well here let’s take a look at a few stats that will put things in perspective. ↓

5 Social Media Marketing Stats

1. The Tightrope Walk of Brand Awareness: 90.4% of Millennials Are on Social Media

It’s a tightrope walk between being seen and being forgotten. Enter the millennials—90.4% of them are on social media, the very audience that holds the balancing pole of brand awareness. It’s not just about walking the rope; it’s about doing a brand awareness pirouette that leaves a lasting imprint.

Tip: Millennials love authenticity. Make your brand the trapeze artist of genuineness, and they’ll be your loyal audience.

2. The Juggling Act of Content Consumption: 54% of Social Browsers Use Social Media to Research Products

In the grand spectacle of content consumption, your business is the master juggler. A whopping 54% of social browsers use social media juggling rings to research products. Imagine your business juggling not just eyeballs but potential customers looking for their next big purchase. This particular stat, in our opinion, truly underscores the importance of social media marketing.

Tip: Juggle wisely! Use social media as your juggling rings to showcase your products and services in a way that captivates and converts.

3. The Fire-Eating Feat of Conversion: 71% of Consumers Who Had a Positive Experience With a Brand on Social Media Are Likely to Recommend It

Let’s take a look at a very interesting social media marketing stat, where your business transforms spectators into brand evangelists. A staggering 71% of consumers, having witnessed the fire-eating feat of a positive brand experience on social media, are likely to recommend it. It’s not just a flame; it’s the wildfire of recommendations that can propel your business to new heights.

Tip: Light the fire! Deliver exceptional customer experiences on social media, and let your customers become the fire-eaters of brand advocacy.

4. The Magic Trick of Social Ad Effectiveness: 54% of Social Browsers Use Social Media to Research Products

Behold the magic trick of social ad effectiveness! A stunning 54% of social browsers use social media not just for entertainment but as their enchanted crystal ball to research products. Your social ads aren’t just illusions; they’re the magic that turns browsers into buyers. When we talk about the importance of social media marketing, social ad effectiveness is considered an integral pillar of this entire mechanism.

Tip: Cast a spell with your social ads! Make them visually enchanting and irresistibly clickable. If you struggle in this particular domain, you can always avail social media marketing services in India.

5. The Grand Finale: ROI in the Spotlight – 3.3 Billion Social Media Users Worldwide Are Active on Mobile Devices

As the drumroll crescendos to the grand finale, let’s talk about ROI—the ultimate star of the show. With 3.3 billion social media users worldwide active on mobile devices, your business isn’t just in the spotlight; it’s the dazzling star of the mobile circus. Mobile-friendly campaigns are the ticket to a standing ovation.

Tip: Make your campaigns mobile-friendly! It’s not just about being under the spotlight; it’s about shining bright on the small screen.

And Therefore…

As our social media circus reaches its grand finale, it’s evident that the stage is set, the audience is engaged, and your business is the dazzling performer under the vibrant lights of social media. The statistics we’ve uncovered aren’t just numbers; they’re the applause, the cheers, and the standing ovation your business deserves in the digital arena.

But the show doesn’t end here for the importance of social media marketing. As the curtain falls, consider this not as a conclusion but as an intermission. The ever-evolving landscape of social media promises new acts, trends, and opportunities. Stay nimble, keep innovating, and be ready to steal the spotlight in the next season of the social media extravaganza.

At Buffalo Soldiers, a social media marketing agency in India. We’re not just spectators – we’re your behind-the-scenes crew, helping you choreograph the most spectacular acts in the social media circus. From crafting compelling content to managing ad campaigns that steal the show, our expertise ensures your business remains the star attraction in the ever-thriving world of social media. 

Connect with us, and let’s continue this incredible performance together. After all, the show must go on, and your business deserves a standing ovation in every act of the social media spectacle.

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