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How To Start A Blog From Scratch And Become An Expert


This blog that you are reading attracts more than 2,436,112 unique users a year and earns sales of well over millions of dollars a year.

Amazing, right? 

Well, you could run your own blog too! 

Today, this blog will educate you on every single move you need to take to develop a blog, expand it, and discover in just 47 minutes how and when to commercialise it.

So let’s get going and learn more about how to build a blog and become an active blogger.


You don’t need a revolutionary concept if you want to create a blog. But, an objective perspective should be the subject of your blog.

Note that no concept is completely special, no matter how sweet.

Yet, you have memories that are special. You have a voice which is distinct. And, you undoubtedly have a lively personality that, like your family and friends, would draw people in. There are 2 main things to ask yourself when it comes to picking your blog theme.

  1. Am I enjoying learning about this subject?
  2. Are there others that are involved in things that are the same?

Perhaps you’re curious if the plan is too quirky. Or, is it too broad?

Step away from common terms like “travel” if you’d like to begin a travel blog. Select a more unique topic, such as “backpacking.”


A domain name/title is the first one. This is the name of your site. You can still launch a blog and modify your name afterwards if you don’t identify the perfect domain name.

Blog - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: NeilPatel

Web hosting should be your second. Web hosting is a programme that makes it easy to view your blog via the internet.

Your profile can’t be viewed online despite web hosting. Your website won’t have a url without a web address. They’re both inseparable.

You will want to bring these suggestions into account when labeling your blog.

  •  Select a .com from any others. They are easier to recall
  •  Take aim at 2-3 words. Sadly, most single word territories are usually unavailable
  •  Try using a keyword that illustrates what your blog is all about. This helps individuals recognize the niche of your blog easily and allows search engines to discern what your blog is really about.


Without blogging tools, you can’t launch a blog. Since it is user-friendly, affordable and strong, you can run all the blogs on WordPress.

Install WordPress - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: NeilPatel

You would notice that it is far more expensive if you plan to make a blog that is not on WordPress because WordPress provides millions of free plugins that help to change your blog in some manner, shape or type.

You can sign in and initially click on the “Setup WordPress” icon once you get your domain name and website hosting account.

You’ll get a completely functioning WordPress blog ready to launch within a minute.


WordPress projects are named patterns in the blogging community.

Thousands of styles are available to select from. But, being stuck in the “shiny bauble Syndrome” and not walking away with it can be simple.

WordPress Theme - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: NeilPatel

At any moment, you can change your style, so don’t get too wrapped up in the bells and buzzers.

Next, you need to log in to the administrator for WordPress. By going to yourdomain.com/wp-admin, you can use it.

You will see an immediate glimpse of what your blog would look like if you click on the theme’s tooltip. Assess if it suits both your individual taste and the subject you’re trying to discuss.


On a WordPress blog, there are countless personalizations you can make. The basics will stick with us.

Themes are the backbone of your concept and the key features are included. WordPress also provides plugins that can connect to or expand the blog’s features.

You may use plugins to incorporate boards, communication forms or sliders, for instance. Even though they might seem like simple functions, by default, they are not always available.

SEO is the method of designing the web page to be found with unique keywords and terms in search engines.


Your blog is now set up on the technological side and ready to go. The planet is your oyster once it comes to generating subjects.

Most of the blog posts originate from personal perspectives, interests, milestones, setbacks, and new teaching methods. To your blog entries, you’ll even want to incorporate visual assets. Photos tend to keep readers interested and can also better explain ideas than sentences.

You will need to build a few last moment optimizations using SEO plugin after you’ve finished your post.

Finishing these parameters will provide a sample of what your blog will appear like when it is included in the findings of Google’s search engine. 

Build appealing, clickable SEO titles and Meta details that illustrate what your post is about. If you’re still looking for a helping hand, drop us a message at Buffalo Soldiers and we’ll be happy to help you through! 

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