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5 Tips for Rocking A Business Presentation

Imagine this – you are back in college, sitting in your lecture room. Your teacher is changing slide after slide, rambling on about the same topic while you contemplate if this course is even worth the hard work.

However, there is that one professor who makes college worth it.

The way they can take 5 boring slides and turn them into an interactive and memorable experience is something you have always admired. It’s a skill you have always thought of picking up during your college days.

Now, answer this

Steve Jobs, Iconic speech. 

Which video popped into your head?

Did your brain also immediately go to the grainy video of him where he discusses marketing?

That’s the power a good presentation can hold. 

Whether it be your favorite college professor, Steve Jobs, or even a TED Talks you admire with all your heart, the one common factor that makes them so memorable and worth the hype is the skills behind bringing these slides to life. 

In this article, we will be discussing in-depth, what makes these presentations so attractive and how you, too, can pick the skills to rock your next business PowerPoint presentation

Let’s get started! 

5 Pointers To Keep in Mind For A Business Powerpoint Presentation

1. Plan Ahead

Any good business presentation, before it even goes to the board, needs to have a plan that it’s based on. If you have been assigned the task of creating the perfect business Powerpoint presentation, you should start by laying an outline that would follow. Do your research and have a clear insight into what you would like to convey through this experience. Back up the said insight and ideas with the research and form a skeleton that the presentation can be built around. 


Not just that, make a few bullet points and side notes for yourself. These notes will help simplify the presentation while ensuring you are cohesive in conveying your ideas. It is also helpful to write an outline of the introduction you would like to use to bring the experience together. 

Divide your skeleton into sections and make a few bullet points for each section to make sure you haven’t left out any essential information.

Here’s a classic presentation that sets the tone from the start:

2. Choose Your Deck Design

Now that we have the structure, you can start planning how your business PowerPoint presentation would look. Pick a design for your slides based on your agency’s needs. Be mindful of the colors you would want to use in it. Whether you want it to be more neutral, casual, or creative is up to you. Ensure that your fonts are sharp and readable and the colors are not too distracting or chaotic. Use images and graphs wherever possible. 


You can also look for a presentation design agency to help you create an impactful presentation that will grab attention while still following the tone you would like to go for. 

An example of what professionals can do for you if you’re incapacitated by the thought of making a presentation yourself:

3. Have An Impactful Beginning

The secret to making any presentation more memorable is…well…presentation. The way you pitch your deck contributes a lot to whether people recall it later or simply get bored and do not pay attention after the first two slides. 


There are various ways to do this. You can either start by telling a compelling story that supports your insight or dive into a quote that adds to the impact. Similarly, starting with an image or a good joke can also help add a personal brand to the presentation. With light openings like jokes that get you a good laugh – you can add your personal touch to the business PowerPoint presentation

Let’s take a look at what Floown did in their presentation:

Another vital thing to keep in mind is confidence. Be confident about your presentation and sell the idea as you believe in it. 

4. Beauty Lies In Simplicity

If you are leading a lengthier presentation, it is easy for your audience to get confused or lost midway through the conference. To avoid this, you can add breaker slides and introduce new elements during these slides to make things more interesting. For instance, each time you dive into a sub-topic, try adding new quotes or statistics that explain your idea going forward. This way when the presentation ends, even if your audience doesn’t remember the more complex, in-depth concepts that you might have gone over, they still walk out with key takeaways that will increase the recall value. 

5. Interaction To Increase Recall Value

Now that you are done with your business PowerPoint presentation, it is time to hear from your audience. In this step, it is essential to be prepared for difficult questions. Plan and make sure you can justify your insight or any other data points the audience might be confused about. 

Not only does interacting help people understand your material better, but it also takes away from the monotony of being in a room and just listening. Be responsive and alert, and make sure your audience doesn’t leave the room confused about your presentation. 

And Therefore…

You are all set to rock your business PowerPoint presentation

If you found this article helpful, make sure to check out our site for more such practical tips.

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