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6 Essential Tips for Building a Perfect Website Structure

Do you know that the success of your website actually depends heavily upon its visibility by the intended customers? 

“Just 0.83% of Clicks go to Websites on Page 2 of Google.”

And only a high-functioning SEO website structure can help you get discovered and ranked on the first page of search engines. 

Now that you know that an SEO website structure is essential – let’s dive deep into what it is and how to create a website structure.

What is a Website Structure?

Website Structure is the way you present your website to your audience. It further refers to the structure and the interlinking of a website’s various pages.

And this website structure is crucial because it facilitates user navigation around your site and the website crawler movement through your website, both of which serve to raise your search engine rating.

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Importance of Website Structure for SEO

If you want your website to appear in the top searches of Google, your website must be structured with SEO. 

SEO structure is crucial because as your site will grow it will get cluttered, and in order to organize it neatly and make it easier for Google and other search engines to find and know about your pages you need to structure your website. 

Also, it helps in measuring your website’s performance over time.

To put it in easier words, Google looks into your website if it’s easier for the users to comprehend, and if it’s not, Google would not rank it high.

Tips on How to Create a Website Structure 

Tips on how to create a website SEO architecture

  • Have a Maximum of 3 Clicks from the Homepage

The user experience may suffer greatly if there are too many clicks taken from your homepage to reach a subpage when your site is linked.

That is why there should be no more than 3 clicks away from the homepage. 

P.S. this is what we as an SEO company in India usually recommend and is a common SEO practice hence is a guiding principle and not a hard and fast rule.

  • Link all the Relevant Pages of your Website

Don’t forget to develop an internal linking structure because the pages on your website have a lot of potentials to influence each other’s SEO rankings and generate much more traffic.

You should trace the movement of “page rank” around your website, taking into account the anchor text you use to connect to each page (which can be pretty aggressively keyword-optimized without triggering a Google penalty). This method will involve linking between pages that have similar topics.

  • Link New Content Prominently

You may work hard on your new blog, but it still might not get to stand out and the reason could be low traffic, low ranking, and bare visibility.

It is because google has no signals to judge the new content, so the only simple and quick solution to do that is to link your new content prominently. You may also link it high up on your homepage. 

Users could take a while to find new pages, and search robots might take a bit, too. Put essential information in prominent locations to solve the problem.

  • Make Use of Breadcrumbs

As advised by Adam Hempenstall of Better Proposals, you can use breadcrumbs as a form of navigation as it helps make the website’s SEO structure neater.

It also serves as a neat UX touch for your audience to easily find the information they have been looking for.

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  • Categorize your Products in accordance with your Search Intent

Use logic to group products and buying styles together while building an SEO-friendly website structure. 

By concentrating your efforts on matching search intent – you may enhance your chances of reaching everyone, from those who haven’t yet discovered your brand to those wanting to convert.

  • Delete Old Content

It is often overlooked but deleting the old content on your website will help you structure your website in a more optimized way. 

Further, if you run an eCommerce business and have outdated products that aren’t being used, you should get rid of them from your website because Google crawlers will be scanning through them unnecessarily. 

And Therefore…

46% of all searches have local intent, the number of monthly local searches is 97 billion.”

Creating the right SEO structure for your website might be tricky but its results are amazing! 

You must be compelled to work on your website structure after reading this article, right? 

Therefore, it’s time to implement it now!

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