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What Are The Different Styles Of Brand Marketing Strategies?

Branding and Marketing are the same, right? This is a super common question where folks get confused. But, NO! A thin line can distinguish them; branding is to do with communicating the product’s identity and potential, while marketing is concerned with increasing the reach of the product to the customers. Since both the terms are closely interlinked, often their strategies seem to cross each other.

What is Brand Marketing?

Well, it is a longstanding strategic proposal that takes various forms of methods and tactics to gain and stabilize its reputation and recognition in brand marketing. The aim of brand marketing is simple- to have loyal customers. This is attained by consistent and continuous communication of the brand’s identity engagement. 

Brand marketing can also be seen as a sub-section of marketing or a combination of branding and marketing (Branding+ Marketing= Bra-keting – sounds like bracketing, which is what is done when you combine the two terms for a product, you create a new bracket to position yourself).

Brand marketing strategy is built according to the brand’s identity. So, the spectrum of customizing the approach is vast and is solely based on the potential of the brand and its product. Now, the question- how do we build a brand strategy then? Simple. If you can address the following questions, then you can structure your strategy.

  • What are the mission and values of the company?
  • What terms describe my company in an ideal manner?
  • How should my company be known in the business world?
  • How much of an impact do I want to have in my domain?
  • How do I want my brand to be presented visually?

This would give a better approach to building your brand strategy.

Do we have different styles of brand marketing strategies? Yes! We can label the variety of styles in eight categories.

INFOGRAPHIC Different Styles of Brand Marketing Strategies

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1. Personal branding

This style of branding happens on social media platforms and in a competitive environment with influencers and celebrities. It is done because the perception of the audience creates a massive impact from a professional and social front. What we do here is that we give particular traits and values to the character. Just like how we have RuPaul talking about Drag queen fashion or Ambani representing India’s economy. 

2. Product branding

Product branding is something similar to personal branding, except instead of a person, it is the product we talk about. In simple words, it is branding a specific product. We assign traits to the product for the world to perceive through individual aesthetic choices. Here, the aim is to connect the apt audience for your product. For instance, in India, we have various malt drinks for kids. But, Boost is our go-to option if you need energy. Or Complan if you want kids to get taller. The latter created an intriguing space, as who wouldn’t want their kids to be tall? Product branding tends to leave an imprint itself on the customers.

3. Service branding

This style of marketing is done in some industries to connect with customers on a deeper and emotional level. Point out a few industries such as airlines, insurance, banks, gold jewelry brands, and even advertising agencies are good examples. Quick, polite, efficient, less chaotic services are what is expected by people, and if that gets highlighted as a strategy? You would hit the right spot.

This does not only limit to highlighting their service behavior. Skill-set is also used to draw attention. Let us take the digital marketing services to explain. Many branding companies in India avail services from digital marketing firms to have a better reach to attain the desired attention and result. The ads efficiently reach the massive crowd. Thus, getting you your recognition. 

4. Retail branding

Specifics given to the brand’s physical appearance are all about retail branding. Starbucks, KFC, Royal Enfield, and McDonald’s have their own unique designing. Starting from packaging to their interiors to the punch lines – everything is retail branding. They are compelling options for brands that are operating in physical locations. 

5. Cultural and geographic branding

This style is more vocal in the tourism sector. Both the term cultural and geographic branding are two unique but similar types of branding. Let us just see how Agra gets represented. The first thought is the Taj Mahal. Similarly, for Delhi, its Qutub Minar and Marina Beach is the symbol of Chennai. This is what cultural and geographic branding does. 

6. Corporate branding

This type of brand marketing highlights their personality. It focuses on key factors such as values, mission, ideal consumer, exclusivity, and price point. They go beyond website design and ads. They talk about social and professional ethics. The company’s recruiting efforts, work culture, and events conducted by them are also included in its strategy. 

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7. Online branding

Just as the name goes, branding that happens online is online branding. This style of branding is not restricted to specifics but rather a broad category referring to all types of branding that take place on the internet. Automated responses, engaging web design, and online advertisements run by a service provider are all-inclusive in this style of brand marketing. 

8. Offline branding

If it is not apparent from the name, offline branding happens offline. Duh! This style of branding encompasses all the previously mentioned styles offline. Simple as that.

Branding, marketing, brand marketing strategy, services, and advertising are all intertwined and inclusive in expanding your recognition and progress in the business. Make sure to be particular with digital marketing or hire their service because at the end of the day all we need is to get attention.

And Therefore…

Branding and marketing go hand-in-hand. To truly create a formidable space for yourself in a competitive field, brand marketing strategies are what you would want to rely on to gain visibility and stand out from the crowd. Here’s where we come in.

Buffalo Soldiers is an Award-Winning Full-Service Creative Agency in India. What sets us apart is that we deliver results every single time. Our track record speaks for itself, and the thing separating us from the rest is that we don’t work for you we work with you. We ask the questions nobody is asking and ensure you get a positive ROI. Are you looking to enhance your brand’s profile and showcase it to the entire world. Contact us – we would be more than willing to help.

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