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What is Branding and Why is it Important for Your Business

If you were thinking that ‘create a logo, add some colors to it, have a catchy line and Viola! My brand is ready, and I can kickstart my business!’ then your idea about branding and its importance is not complete. Scroll through, and we’ll fill you in on the secret keys to making your business a success.

What is Branding?

Often, branding is widely perceived as the recognition of logos, colors, and taglines, which indeed is inclusive under the term, but there is much more to grasp by the term branding. Branding is to build and create a unique and impactful identity for any product, service, organization, and even a person. As a common practice, branding is carried out by utilizing creative logos, taglines, colors, and other elements to represent your company in any respective manner. 

In a country such as India, branding is what will separate you from the crowd and provide you a chance to formidably position yourself. Here’s where the best branding agencies in India earn their prominence. 

Essentially, structuring your brand, in simple words, is to frame the look, feel, and persona of your business. The fundamental motive for creating a brand is to have a positive impact on the audience and customers. There are several elements under the sect of branding to make it easier for you to understand the process.

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Elements of Branding

Following are a few elements that you need to concentrate on while creating a brand for your business.

1. Mission Statement: 

This element provides a complete overview of the “what”, “how”, and “why” of your business. The mission statement is the key to answering what your business is about, how it is accomplished, and why you are to be considered the first option by the people. Hence, having a clear mission statement is very important.

2. Brand Value:

Does your product or service have a specific cause that makes you stand out? It then plays a vital role in the branding process. The brand value can help your product connect with the audience according to the cause that you side by.

3. Reputation: 

The audience’s perception plays a huge role. The perceived image your product provides is closely intertwined with the visual appeal and is known to have an eminent impact. For instance, as a day-to-day example, Nike is known as the top player in their business. Why? Because the reputation they hold with their image speaks volumes that connect the audience with them.

4. Logo and Visual Identity: 

The logo is precisely your identity. They become your brand’s golden card as the minute people think of you, the logo would be visualized as the first response. Visual Identity is about every other factor like color, font size, font style, and design and includes the logo as well. Take McDonald’s, the yellow ‘M’, the red background, and the tagline “I am lovin’ it” – they come together to make the brand.

5. Advertising: 

The imagery, jingles, taglines, and people create an impact. How well does your advertisement connect with the audience? Do they feel that your product is relatable to them? If yes, then your product is a success. 

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6. Customer Experience:

To give a glimpse of the importance of customer experience your customers are your primary reason to exist. Without them, your brand is nowhere to reach. The more user-friendly your product or service becomes, the more customers you gain.

Moving further…

Why branding is important?

There prevails a misconception that if you could create a unique and catchy brand identity with a logo and creative visuals, then that’s it – you have gained your spot. NO! Branding is all about building a foundation for your business based on your principles, values, and the purpose you serve. Let’s scroll through the reasons why it is important:

1. You can influence your customers’ decisions- 

Your brand creates an image in the customers’ minds. This image later provides the chance to be the first option to approach your competitors.

2. The audience would connect with you emotionally- 

Building a bond and reaching your message might sound easy, but it isn’t. However, if you succeed in having an emotional connection with the audience, you need not be worried about retaining your customers.

3. Makes you memorable- 

By making yourselves memorable, you would have created a special place amongst your audience. This will make your brand irreplaceable.

4. Keeps you valuable- 

People would value you if you live up to your reputation and have their trust. This ensures the loyalty of customers and would keep them retained as you would have by now created an impact.

5. It becomes the window for the customers- 

Your brand becomes the window for people to see what you do and why they should come to you. The attention span your brand could gain talks about how you are going to be placed in the business world.

And Therefore…

We are to the end of detailing what branding is and why it is important. If creating a brand for your company is getting you worked up, reach out to mavens who would help you out.

And we, the Buffalo Soldiers are one of the best branding agencies in India. Be it logo designing, brand styling, and strategy, naming, taglines, positioning of your brand, or launch strategy – we are your one-stop solution for everything related to branding and advertising. Let us not forget to mention that we are also the top best advertising agency in India

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