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Best WordPress Tips & Tricks Every Blogger Must Know

The term blog was coined in 1997, and it was created as a form of self-expression. In its infancy, it was seen as something informal and a place where one could share their thoughts with the world. Now, the situation has changed.

From the biggest B2B companies to any massive Tech enterprise, blogs are a means to relay your thoughts and vision. With the surge of WordPress website development services, it’s high time you, as a business owner, start leveraging the power of blogs. But how does one even begin?

I’m sure we all have ideas in our minds, and often we don’t take the first step as we don’t know where to start. The same can be said about using blogs as a marketing tool to gain visibility.

What would be better – going to an advertising agency in India or doing all of this labor work yourself?

“But, why is this work laborious?” 

Blogging doesn’t only entail writing the damn thing that you’re thinking. It has MANY facets. 

From coming up with an idea to forming a structure to understanding the target audience to setting the tonality of the brand to use the correct SEO keywords to get a high rank, being a blogger takes a lot of effort.

Here are some WordPress tips to help you out if you are willing to dive into this venture yourself.

Top 10 WordPress Tips for Every Blogger

There are many WordPress tips and tricks that a blogger must know. To make things easier for you, we’ve shortened the list, so you won’t have to rack your brain. 

Let’s take a look at them:

1. Compress Images for FASTER load time

Compress Images
Image Source: Avantix Learning

This is the first point in the list of WordPress tips which is very important. For a webpage, images are one of the heaviest components. If not optimized, they can impair your site’s ability to load. It can impact your SEO as well.

Think about it yourself, would you want to visit a website with a slow user experience? 

Compressing images is one of the easiest ways to better your website’s performance. There are many tools to choose from, both paid and free. Pick the one that suits your abilities, but make sure you get it done.

2. Custom Permalink

Custom Permalink
Image Source: WP Begineer

Earlier, WordPress had a default permalink that was bad for SEO and UX. Now, the default permalink settings are day and name. 


Even though this is much better, another problem arises. What about the date that is there? The solution is easy.

Go to Settings -> Permalink -> Select post name. For SEO purposes, this is the best option.

3. Use a New Window to Open All External Links

New Window to Open All External Links
Image Source: WP Begineer

We know this sounds basic and almost obvious. But, it is a practice that has been imbibed into us by good SEO management of other websites.

WP External Links is the plugin needed for this task. After installing the plugin, the admin navigation menu will have a new option called External Links.

Select each in separate window or tab in the Open external links.

Bingo, now all the external links you will add to your blogs will open in a new window and not take the place of the existing window.

Do you have a WooCommerce store and want to rank it on top of the SERP? Check out this detailed guide on WooCommerce SEO To Make Your Store Rank Higher On Search Engines!

4. Move from HTTP to HTTPS

WordPress Tips: Move from HTTP to HTTPS
Image Source: SSL2 Buy

Ideally, we would want to redirect to only one site, and if that were the case, data protection is of utmost importance. HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) protects data by encrypting.

Settings → General → Update URL to HTTPS → Click save

5. Choose Hosting

Image Source: Hosting Offer

This is one of the Finding in WordPress tips, the right host for your WordPress site is a requirement. If you don’t host your site, it won’t go live on the internet.

Your host should also be able to handle the traffic, avoid downtime and crashes, and give fast load time. If this seems complicated, any advertising agency in India can help you.

6. Install SEO Plugins & Google Analytics

WordPress Tips: SEO Plugins
Image Source: Theme Fusion

SEO forms the backbone of any website. If you don’t optimize the SEO, you won’t rank in search results, so the hard work you’ve done on your content will go to waste? Is that what you want? Huh?

No, we are not talking to you down like a parent, but it’s baffling how easily people miss out on this point. To install an SEO plugin:

WordPress Plugin Directory → Find the SEO plugin that aligns with your content → Voila!

Metrics of any kind are needed to keep track of the progress made. Google Analytics gives you an in-depth view of the data that your WordPress dashboard contains. Data such as how many people visited the website, how long did readers stay there, and so forth. Pretty neat, right?

If you hire WordPress developer in India, these are the two things they will focus on the most.

Learn More:

7. SEO Friendly Theme

WordPress Tips: Select A Good Theme
Image Source: Templatic

One of the best things about WordPress is how many free themes are there for people to use. An SEO-friendly theme is beneficial in ranking the blog, and the website will be soothing to the eyes.

8. Set Up Gravatar

Image Source: GreenGeeks

Globally Recognized Avatar (Gravatar) is a service that integrates with your WordPress to provide basic information about the author of the blog/article. You can attach a picture to your account and even give a short description of yourself.

9. Manage Comments

Image Source: WP Begineer

Comments are a great way of letting your readers engage with your content. If readers are interacting with the blog, that means they have an opinion on it. And that’s all that matters to you, as this helps in search results ranking. Google not only crawls your content but also crawls the content on the blogs you have, so the site’s SEO is greatly improved if there is a lot of engagement.

10. Stay Updated

Image Source: GGF

Self-explanatory, but if you’re up to date with all the ins and outs of the WordPress Website Development Services, then there is a high chance you will stand apart from the crowd.

Go to the WordPress dashboard, and it will tell you if it needs to update any plugin or theme or if a newer version of WordPress is there for you to use.


Everything in this world right now is driven via content. Content isn’t limited to videos or creatives that you see on social media. The roots of content are deep, and at its core, it has always been something that is:

written, long-form, and informative.

WordPress Website Development Services helps you leverage your ability to churn out the content you want to write and optimize it to gain visibility.  

You could achieve all of these things with the help of any Advertising agency in India. But why settle for less when we know someone who can get this job done exactly how you want it.

Here at Buffalo Soldiers, we are experts when CRM management and SEO are concerned. We have a proven track record, and what separates us from the rest is that we don’t work for you. We work with you. We ask the questions nobody is asking, and we deliver every single time. 

Will you be another success story that we are painting on this canvas? The choice is yours.

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