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5 Powerful Inbound Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

Gone are the days when you bombarded your leads and prospects with exhausting emailers, annoying sales calls, and text messages. Your potential audience is more likely to engage with your brand if you use clever inbound marketing strategies that add value and create waves about your brand. In an endlessly interconnected 21st century, having a prominent online presence will separate your brand from the herd while bringing success and profitability to your business. A formidable and meaningful online presence means attracting your target audience, educating them about your brand, and giving them a reason to choose your brand over others. 

How Inbound Marketing Creates Waves

With inbound marketing, the goal is to cultivate meaningful and long-term relationships with customers and prospects by providing them with content that educates them about your brand’s products, values, and goals. An inbound methodology revolves around three principles: Attract. Engage, and Delight. To put it simply – give your customers a reason to choose you and stay with you by offering them value through your content.  Let’s look at 5 powerful inbound marketing strategies to grow your business.   how inbound marketing creates waves

1. Give A Shot At Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become a key strategy for bringing new leads and getting your brand noticed in front of potential prospects. A staggering 93% of marketers have used influencer marketing in their marketing campaigns. Influencers bring trust, attention, and engagement to your brand as their large online presence has an immense influence over people’s buying choices. Pick the right influencers for your brand by designing well-thought-out inbound marketing strategies, and you’ll notice your brand awareness and traffic increase over time. As customers trust what their influencer has to say, ensure that you develop meaningful and long-term relationships with influencers who genuinely like your product/service.

2. Establish Your Social Media And Online Presence

Creating an online presence goes beyond having a website. Any brand worth its salt should invest in building a well-rounded digital presence through participation in social media discussions, online forums, and other engagement channels. Having an online presence goes beyond staying relevant. It opens up channels for communication and helps your audience empathize with your brand.  Being active on social media and online forms builds trust and develops a strong sense of community with your audience. 64% of marketers say they invest in building social media communities. Brands have used the power of social media for several marketing purposes. Whether it be building buzz and anticipation for your upcoming product or educating your audience about your brand, a formidable online presence will go a long way in strengthening your brand’s value in people’s eyes.

3. Formulate A Diverse Content Strategy

Many brands formulate a diverse and relevant content strategy to engage their audience through original, meaningful, and valuable content. A well-rounded content strategy educates your audience about your brand’s products and purpose. After all, 78% of marketers who believe their content marketing was very successful in 2021 had a documented content marketing strategy. There are mainly two types of content offerings: on-site and off-site content. On-site content refers to the content published regularly on your website. The relevance and informative nature of this content is best suited for client retention as it focuses on authenticity and timeliness. Off-site content is content about your brand available on other websites that your target audience flocks to. This is better suited for lead generation as you can introduce your brand to new prospects. One of the best examples of off-site content is Quora.
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4. Add Email Marketing To Your Toolset

With over 3.9 billion daily email users worldwide, your brand is missing out if it doesn’t have a well-thought-out email marketing strategy in its marketing toolkit. Over 59% of respondents claim that emails from brands impact their purchase decisions. Marketers using segmented email campaigns noted a 760% increase in revenue generation! But how do you go about forming an email marketing strategy? The first step is to build an email list. Have a pop-up opt-in form on your webpage for newsletter/offers to create an email list. Categorize these customers based on their position in the sales funnel to provide relevant and useful emails. Having a compelling subject line will improve click-through rates and push your leads and prospects further down the sales funnel.

5. Build A Proper Communication Channel For Help, Support, and Queries 

Customers are always on the lookout for help and support about their problems. Having a dedicated communication channel on social media or traditional means like email/phone will ensure customers come to you whenever they have questions in their minds. A product is only as good as its after-sales service. Invest in producing videos, tutorials, guides, spec sheets, and FAQs to provide your customers with information at a moment’s notice. Caring about your customer’s experience will go a long way in communicating the appreciation you have for your customer’s needs.

And Therefore…

Inbound marketing is all about how much value you offer to your customer. It draws customers in by communicating how educated you are about their needs and wants. Inbound marketing is a great way to show your customers you care about their demands and are constantly improving on delivering the best product possible. Buffalo Soldiers is one of the leading inbound marketing companies in India offering a full suite of digital marketing services. Get in touch with us to formulate your very own inbound marketing strategy that aligns with your brand values and purpose.
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