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When Is The Best Time To Send Email Newsletters?

When it comes to sending newsletters, timing is the key. With several studies reaching different conclusions, it could be a daunting task to figure out the best time. Unfortunately, there cannot be a set rule to determine the ‘ideal timing’. The truth is – ideal time is variable to a great extent with several parameters such as the type of business, devices used and subscriber base.

Here are a few tips to help you get the maximum out of email newsletters:


Studies by MailChimp and WordStream have confirmed that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the most popular days to send email newsletters. Interestingly, most studies have found weekends not to be the best time for sending newsletters, across industries. However, open rates and CTRs are high on the weekends.


Stats show that 23 percent emails are opened within 60 minutes of sending. How to figure which is the best time? Most email marketing experts would claim sending emails before 8 is a bad idea. But WordStream data shows a striking 25 percent open rate before 8 a.m. To a more business-specific ideal time, it is effective to use Send Time Optimisation (STO) testing process rolled out by MailChimp.


It’s best to take into account what devices your target groups are likely to use more. Traditional standards for ‘best time to send email’ alter as user habits differ drastically when it comes to devices. Mobile users tend to be active late-evening. A Brafton study in 2013 says 55 percent of consumers open emails on desktop whereas 25 percent open emails on phone. Today, 56 percent of web traffic is phone driven, although people on an average still spend 38 times longer on desktops.


What could work as an ideal time for one industry may not necessarily work as the ‘ideal time’ for a different sector. Below is a list of ‘time on sight’ by industry category.


Is your target group the college-going teens or the office-going professionals having regular shifts and fixed weekends? Peak hours may or may not make a difference to your audience. Data suggests that desktop users open emails during the workday and the best time to reach them is between 9 am to 4 pm. Smartphone owners check in intermittently and usually between 10 am and 5 pm, peaking at 3 pm.  Tablet owners read selectively at night and have open rates highest between 3 pm and 9 pm.

Check these optimal times to send newsletters to different categories.

Other factors to consider before you hit the send button

To maintain efficacy of content, do not to overwhelm your target readers with too many emails. It is best to segment your lists to decide upon the optimum frequency of emails.

Having smart subject lines is a surefire way to get more email open rates. Research shows 47 percent of email recipients quickly decide whether to open or ignore emails based on the subject line alone. Worse, 69 percent of readers who report email as spam are motivated to do so by how the subject line reads. Best is to use some form of A/B testing method for deciding the most effective subject lines.

It is also important to consider time zone differences, day’s routine of your subscribers and other best practices for email marketing.

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Urmi Bhattacharjee