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Ultimate Guide to Chatbot Marketing for Beginners

Gone are the days when we dreaded the rise of robots and feared an apocalypse! Bots have come a long way from the movie Matrix and have become an integral part of our lives!

These days, with the increasing influence of chatbots across all age groups, marketers have made chatbots an effective messenger to capture the audience’s attention and enhance their user experience like never before. Additionally, platforms like Mobile Monkey have simplified the process of creating a personalized chatbot from scratch. Thus, making chatbots a feasible and efficient element in the overall marketing mix. 

Chatbots have now become the success mantra for most of the popular brands like National Geographic, Nike, and Emirates across industries, which have made it impossible for other businesses to think of a successful marketing strategy without chatbots.

So, what is a Chatbot, you may ask?

A chatbot is an AI-powered computer program, which automates one-on-one conversations. As a by-product of our advancements in natural language processing and artificial intelligence, chatbots offer voice-based and text-based communication facilities across mediums to ease out the entire user journey experience of the customer.

They interact with an audience using algorithms, coded well in advance to ensure a personalized and human-like appeal to the target audience. These pre-coded algorithms enable chatbots to understand the queries of the customers and help them to generate automated texts, images, GIFs, and sometimes, videos as a response to the target audience.

Well, chatbots go beyond the confines of just being a cool novelty, to serving a larger purpose. UNICEF adopted the chatbot to help people raise their voices about issues plaguing their communities and societies. The bot called ‘U-Report’ doesn’t indulge in conversation, but rather focuses on a large-scale data collection objective. The data is then analyzed to filter out inferences and plan for necessary actions.

Unicef Report - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: U-Report

How can I build a Chatbot of my own?

The rise of chatbot marketing is increasing and is strongly evident in every sector. With the advancement in coding and inclusion of the subject for students, the process of developing a chatbot has been largely simplified.

So before you begin building your own personalized chatbot messenger, that can revamp your existing marketing strategies, here are the top 7 tips that you must keep in mind:

1) Prepare all set of faqs:

The first step towards creating your chatbot is to understand your target audience, for whom you will be designing the chatbot. By stepping into the shoes of your audience and talking to your customer service and the social media team, you must try to understand what are the most commonly asked questions and queries.

These frequently asked queries will help you design a question bank, which can be encoded in your chatbot to tackle all types of customer issues most effectively and efficiently.

2) Avoid open-ended conversations:

Chatbots cannot deal with open-ended conversations and often get confused with delivering an adequate response. This can be an awkward experience for the customer, making the entire purpose of chatbot marketing counterproductive.

So train your chatbot to make the first move and start a conversation with any potential customer who visits your website. This practice will help to reduce the chances of open-ended conversations and allows users to put forward all their concerns systematically.  

This will also help to streamline the user experience as the users can easily select their query from the options offered by the chatbot and get a personalized automated response from the bot in no time.

3) Add a humanistic conversation flow:

Humanistic Conversation - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: Boost.AI

Chatbots function efficiently when the potential questions and their answers have been specified and programmed efficiently.

But it is not possible to expect straightjacket questions from your audience at all times. To address this issue, it is important to program your chatbot in such a way that it becomes capable enough to answer questions, keeping in mind the broad perspective of the ongoing conversation.

Such types of multi-turn specifications, if enabled in a chatbot, give a humanistic touch to your conversation and make your customer feel more valuable.

4) Add the pinch of personalization to your chatbot:

Chatbot Strategies - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: FreshDesk

Just like your brand speaks for itself, personalize your bot with a similar objective that makes it capable enough to extend your brand voice and tonality.

To make this happen, ensure that your bot is consistent enough in reflecting your brand value and aesthetics. This will ensure a consistent and favorable brand experience to your potential customers, manifesting their relationship with you into a loyal and long-lasting one. 

5) Outshine your customer’s expectations by making your chatbot their first preference:

Focus on creating wonder in your customer’s mind. Make it the secret element to market your business and hit the touchpoints of your audience in the best way possible, so that they are not just impressed by your services but make it as a part of their routine.

This tip has deeply impacted all those brands who have adopted chatbot marketing is not just targeting new customers but has enhanced the overall experience of existing customers even more. 

6) Track your chatbot’s effectiveness:

Increasing conversion rates, higher traffic and engagement on your online platforms, happy and satisfied customers, improved customer ratings, and declining complaints are some of the most common measures to judge the effectiveness of your chatbot marketing efforts.

So, ensure that you regularly evaluate your chatbot performance using customer response metrics to ensure a happy and satisfied customer experience.

7) Promote your chatbot to popularise your brand:

Promoting your chatbot is as important as having one! The effectiveness of your chatbot depends upon how many people are using the same.

The best and the most effective ways of promoting your chatbot is enlisting it on all your customer support channels or adding it to your call-to-action buttons across all platforms for a better customer experience.

Chatbots can help revolutionize your brand and position it to become a customer favorite. Brands are increasingly realizing the importance of connecting with their customers in real-time. To get started with creating your own personalized chatbot, Mobile Monkey stands as the perfect guide to take you through the process. They offer innovative ideas for engaging chatbot experiences that can help garner more leads, sales, and develop long-lasting customer relationships. While you’re at it, do check out their chatbot OmniChat as well! The little monkey will have you in splits with his jokes.

These are some of the amazing tips that can help every marketer fulfill their dream of making their business, brands providing the most authentic and satisfying consumer relationships like no other.

Still wondering how to get started? Just drop us a text and we, at Buffalo Soldiers Digital, would love to help you enhance your customer experience with Facebook chatbots.

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