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5 Tips To Make The Best From HubSpot Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing might seem quite time-consuming and difficult to manage until you have a wise tool that understands your needs and gets your job done. HubSpot Social Media Marketing is that wise tool that we are looking for!

We often do not devote enough attention to social media marketing. As a result, it might be challenging to manage at times. Without a doubt, Social Media Marketing is not something you should overlook. Although it may not get you direct returns from your marketing efforts, it is an area you should never ignore. 

HubSpot platform helps with some of the common challenges of social media marketing. HubSpot’s social media tools may help you save time, as well as assist with analytics, transform workers into brand champions, and give publishing resources that let you give your best.

Let’s look at 5 ways HubSpot Social Media Marketing can miraculously change your Social Media Marketing game!

#1. Use HubSpot To Schedule Posts

Image Source: Sprout Social

Your post timings greatly affect the number of views, likes, and comments on your posts. Also, when you have a marketing strategy that includes a calendar, this feature is something that can give you great relief. 

With HubSpot, you can schedule one or multiple posts at a time. HubSpot will save you time logging into each social media account and posting your campaigns. 

Then, it also has a ‘Publish Like A Human’ feature that gives that “human touch” to the posts. When this feature is enabled the posts are dropped anywhere between a 10-minute window that keeps your posts from appearing like they’ve been scheduled out to simply push content.

#2. Easily Monitor Your Competitors

Image Source: Competitor Monitor

The ‘Monitor’ function of HubSpot’s social media platform allows you to see activity, conversations, and new followers in one convenient dashboard.

As Business-to-Business marketers, account-based marketing has become a priority in 2021. With the help of these tools, you can monitor key account activity with HubSpot’s help as well.

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#3. Know Which Posts Are Driving The Most Traffic

Image Source: Thematic

Reviewing your online posts is a crucial task that will enable you to determine what attracts your audience the most and will help you in deciding your social media content structure.

HubSpot has several tools and features that you will find handy while managing and creating your social media content. The “Analyze” tab gives you the ability to analyze efforts on social media according to a variety of metrics, and get even more granular with filters for top posts, clicks, impressions, shares, and more. 

#4. Use Canva To Design Images Easily

Image Source: Canva

The new HubSpot-Canva Integration will save you lots of time and resources. If you are not so familiar with Canva, you can use it with HubSpot and create beautiful social media posts with ease.

Canva is a platform that has made online designing easier than ever. With Canva, you can create social media posts. It comes with lots of features like pre-sizing, drag-and-drop editor, layouts for every opportunity, and so on.

This integration of HubSpot and Canva will ensure easy designing and upload of your posts with just a few clicks and designing techniques!

#5. Associate Social Posts with Your Campaign Efforts

Image Source: Sprout Social

It’s not less than any challenge to analyze the effectiveness of social media posts. You can now monitor the success of any of your social posts and the marketing activities related to them using HubSpot’s Campaign tool.

While posting to social media, make sure you only schedule posts that are associated with a specific campaign and relate the campaign to the collection of posts at the bottom of the section.


Managing Social Media Marketing is not everyone’s cup of tea, but with HubSpot social media tools, you can now easily create, manage and analyze your social posts and marketing efforts.

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Arundhati Sensharma