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Tips And Tricks For Searching Google Like A Pro

Tips and tricks for searching google

Hey, is Google your ultimate destination for all types of searches?

But do you get adequate results every time you post a search query on Google?

Well, most of us don’t. Do you know why? What is the reason we don’t get the exact answer every time we search over Google search engine?

The answer to this very question which we all face regularly is, the lack of proper knowledge to use Google. 

Don’t look that surprised, but yes, even though we use google 100 times a day but most of us are still not aware of some basic tips and tricks of searching over google, and hence we don’t get the exact results we desire.

In this article, we will cover all such tips and tricks that will not just surprise you with the results but will be an enriching knowledge booster for all. So sit back and enjoy the best tips and tricks to become a google pro!

Exact Phrase

Have you ever encountered any situation where you are looking for a particular phrase or sentence in your search results?

To address this issue, which most of us face quite often the exact phrase option of Google search can be used.

Here you need to mention your search query in double quotes over google search engine to get the desired results.

For example, if I search “Best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi” it will show only those results which will have the keywords, Best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi. 

Hence it helps you to target exact words in your search results.

Excluded Words

Many a time we search for a few things which are spelled similar across industries, like anchor or chips or any other word.

In such situations, you can avoid confusion and get the most targeted results by using the excluded words feature over google.

To understand it even better, let us take an example if we search a knife-kitchen, google will showcase results other than kitchen knives that we use for cooking purposes.

In this way, it excludes a particular phrase or word from your search results and helps you get filtered results.

Google Search Like a Pro - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

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Similar Words

“Synonyms of digital marketing” 

Do you make, a similar search over google when you look for similar words?

Well, this is a very commonly used method of searching similar words or phrases over Google. 

But do you know, there is a better way to search synonyms that will give you even better results than what you get from this ordinary way of searching.

Rather than typing synonyms of … you can make, the same search in the following way, ~digital marketing and you will get the direct results like digital marketing, online marketing, web marketing and others.

So try to make the best use of these features to enjoy the smart search results by Google. 

Multiple words

If you are looking for multiple options through just a single search on google, then yes google makes it possible. 

To make this happen, use the word OR between multiple options you look for while searching.

For example, if you search for a digital marketing expert OR web developer in Delhi, you will probably get Delhi based digital marketing expert and web developer as your search results.

Numerical Ranges

This feature will help you get search results varying for a particular period only.

For example, if you search for Pepsi during 1980….1995, your search results will be specific to activities by Pepsi between this range.

So try out this feature if your search is particular about a specific range of years or so.

Find meanings

Rather than typing the meaning of XYZ terms over Google, you can use a specific search to get the definitions of the terms right away.

For example, use, define: digital marketing to get the best definitions from Philip Kotler and other industry experts without searching into multiple sites to get the final output.

Be site-specific

If you are targeting specific websites for your search, you can get narrow down search results by using the site filter option by google.

To use this option, type digital marketing site: in

Such a search will result in only Indian websites related to digital marketing.

Search linked pages

Many times, your search might be complex such that it becomes difficult for Google to understand and interpret the same to showcase the desired results. 

In such situations, you need to be very particular about what you search for, especially when you are looking for webpages that are linked to a particular website. 

In such cases, to get all other websites that are linked to this particular website.

In this way, you can make n number of specific search to derive the right result in less time.

Answer to all your maths problems

Google can also serve as a calculator for all those maths enthusiasts who need a calculator to help them solve a problem.

Most of you might have also used this function by simply typing the question to get results like 5+7, 35^5, and many more.

Get easy conversions

If you deal in foreign exchange or any other business for say at times, we need to use conversion measures to make a purchase decision like inch into cm, $ into pound or INR.

Google can be of very helpful at times when you don’t have adequate knowledge of these conversion rates or a calculator. 

Well, these are some of this tips and tricks that can be of great help to make better searches and get better results over Google and help you reach the stage, that you become a pro at it.

For more such exciting updates and tips, subscribe to Buffalo Soldiers Digital for all types of digital solutions. 

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Pragati Soni