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The 7 Best CRMs Of 2021

7 Best CRMs

Most of us have heard the term CRM quite a few times, but are we aware of its true meaning?

How can CRM software help you manage your business?

On what parameters should you decide, which one is the best?

Well, to get an answer to all these curious questions, read the entire article and you will surely make the right decision to buy one.

So, before we begin discussing the best CRM software, let us briefly understand,

What is CRM?

CRM is also known as Customer Relationship Management is a software application which helps business store data related to their customers who visit their website, drive sales, build customer relationships, and ensure efficient customer service.

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Why CRM?

When the customer is the king, driving all the businesses, it is the primary responsibility of every business to ensure customer satisfaction as their primary objective. 

To fulfill this very own objective of every business, CRM is the tool that helps manage all the information in a digital database and makes it available at the fingertips whenever required by the management to take decisions. 

Now that you understand what and why of CRM software, let us check out the best CRMs available that help to fulfill the how of CRM.


Usually, brands or businesses provide free trial services of CRM to their potential customers to help them decide whether to buy that particular software or not.

But with Hubspot, the concept is very different. Unlike other businesses, it provides its basic CRM plan for free, for lifetime use by its potential customers. 

It does not charge even a single penny for its basic plan, which comprises 100% free use of CRM software to manage your business. It includes the limited number of the customer database, contact and task management service, email tracking and scheduling, document sharing, and live chat features.

These features can be easily used by businesses for free but, if more specific, and comprehensive features are required, premium and growth suite packages offered by Hubspot can be purchased. 


Zoho, one of the most premium and trusted CRM software is widely used by brands like Bose, Netflix, Amazon, and Suzuki.

Its standard plan comes at $18 per month with provides basic features like email insights, web forms, customized dashboards, and the capacity to store up to 1,00,000 records. This plan is most suitable for a small home-based business.

ZOHO, 7 Best CRMs - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: Techloyce

It also offers premium and enterprise plans at $30 and $45 respectively which offers additional features like real-time notifications, Google ads integration, inventory and process management, a storage capacity of 2.5 million to 5 million customer records. 

Along with these monthly packages, Zoho also offers ultimate packages that provide additional discounts to businesses who subscribe to the annual plans.


If sales generation is the core activity, of your business then Pipedrive is the optimal fit for your business.

This CRM software is specially designed to manage and record the sales leads for the business.

It offers a 14-day trial version for prospective customers to try out its service before they subscribe to the monthly or yearly plans (essential, advanced, professional plans) to manage the lead generation for their business.

To satisfy varied customer needs, it offers an additional lead booster add-on feature to any of your monthly, or annual plans at just $39 per month. It helps to engage with the customers directly and, helps to record their quick responses.


It is yet another CRM software providing a gamut of services, specialized in sales CRM. Salesforce also provides advisory services, productivity tools, and detailed analytics services to meet diverse business needs.

So check out the 30 days trial period of using Salesforce before you decide to buy the essential, professional, enterprise, or unlimited plan offered by it.

Salesforce, 7 Best CRMs - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: UI Garage

But for regular businesses that are medium-sized in nature, an essential or a professional plan is more than enough to upscale and synchronizes their business.


Freshsales is an AI-powered CRM software that helps you perform all-time sales-boosting activities and get live tracking through its dashboard. 

It has a single dashboard that provides all sorts of information in one place. Anytime, the employees of the company, subscribing to fresh sales CRM can access information by just downloading the reports.

It also provides integrated mobile apps to ensure easy access to this software anytime at your fingertips. 

So utilize the trial version of the software to explore more features, before you choose to buy the paid subscription for your business. 

These are the top 5 CRM software that one should consider to enhance business sales and ensure the best customer satisfaction for all its existing clients.

To get more exciting updates, visit Buffalo Soldiers Digital for the latest and relevant information to update your business practices. 







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