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Target More With Programmatic Advertising

To move with the pace of technology, it’s high time now that you switch to programmatic advertising from traditional advertising methods. Why? Keep reading to stay two steps ahead of your competitors!

What is Programmatic Advertising?

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Programmatic Advertising is the future of advertising. It is a subset of automation that enables buying and selling online ads automatically. 

Programmatic advertising is designed in a way that replaces human negotiations with automation software that uses machine learning and AI algorithms. 

It not only increases transparency between the publisher and advertiser but also increases the efficiency of the ads by automated targeting. 

Programmatic Advertising is done through real-time auctions, where ads are bought at the same time as a visitor loads a website. 

How Programmatic Advertising Works? 

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Why Use Programmatic Advertising?

1. Increased control and transparency

Image Source: Mar Tech Advertiser

Programmatic advertising increases transparency between the marketer and publisher. It is quite difficult to get such transparency from traditional advertising methods. 

Advertisers can see and analyze the traffic they are getting from the ads published on the publishers’ sites. This gives the advertisers control over who can see their ads and they can make any necessary changes on the go.

2. Real-time Analysis

Image Source: Sisence

With programmatic advertising, advertisers can see the reports regarding the reach of their ads and get data measurement reports in real-time.

The advertiser doesn’t have to wait to get a detailed analysis report. Get it whenever you want it!

3. More Efficient

Image Source: PYMNTS

There have been thousands of traditional advertising methods but none can compete with the efficiency of programmatic advertising.

Programmatic advertising ensures that the ads are shown to a targeted audience. The targeted audience while keeping the budget in consideration.

4. Increased Reach

Image Source: Inc

Programmatic advertisements have their reach far beyond your town or city or state. Programmatic advertisements are visible globally to all the people who might love your product.

There are billions of internet users across the globe and all can be your potential audience with programmatic marketing.

5. Better Targeting

Image Source: My Venture Pad

With Programmatic marketing, you can target your audience on a much deeper level through IP targeting, geolocation targeting, contextual keyword, etc. 

These targeting methods are used to target people from a particular location and those who search for a particular term on the internet.

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 5 Tips On How To Do Programmatic Advertising

#1.  Know Your Audience

The very first step should be to know the people whom you are going to target through programmatic marketing.

There are thousands of effective ways to know more about the people who are interested in your product and can buy your product. 

#2. Set Clear Goals

Once you have a clear idea about your product and potential customers, set clear short-term and long-term goals for the marketing of your product.

Use existing data to determine which are the best channels where you have to put in your efforts. Also, determine what type of advertising best suits your niche. Use programmatic marketing only when you know it is required in your marketing strategy.

#3. Put Some Human Efforts As Well

Programmatic advertising minimizes human interactions and employs machine learning algorithms for displaying ads. Even though programmatic marketing is fully automatic, a human touch can ensure its perfection. 

By human efforts we mean the touch of a skilled professional who can plan, manage, and set better targets. 

#4. Beware Of Fraud

While programmatic ads are viewable between 45% and 55%, fraud bots can increase the number of views. 

While fraud in a programmatic advertisement is seen to be around 16%, you should still keep a keen eye on where your views are coming from.

#5. Protect Your Brand

One of the greatest challenges to programmatic marketing is the chances of your site’s link appearing at inappropriate places. This can be very harmful to your site’s reputation.

To avoid such harm, you should keep monitoring your backlinks regularly and blacklist the links at the wrong places.


Programmatic Advertising is indeed a boon for marketers in this fast-moving world. The only thing is to understand it’s working properly and use it when your brand actually needs it. Compared to traditional advertising methods, you have greater control over which ads you want to show to which people. We hope you make the best use of programmatic marketing for your brand after reading this blog. All the best!

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Arundhati Sensharma