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Step By Step Guide To Create Your Website In Seconds

creating and designing our website

creating and designing our website

Convinced with the power of digitization of business over the internet?

Well, 2020 has been a challenging and convincing year for all those who denied the relevance of online presence. 

With everything going digital, it’s high time that you develop a website for your business and be a part of this online community. 

Gone are the days when being online was not a necessity. Today it has become one of the most important factors for survival for every business irrespective of the industry they belong to.

So start creating your website with 6 easy steps.

STEP 1: Select your website platform

Before we move forward to creating and designing our website, let’s think upon a few important parameters that set the future of your business.

So, one such important parameter is finalizing the website platform. 

In today’s era of AI and automation, the process of creating websites has become so much easier that now you don’t need coding or algorithms to create your website.

By simply selecting a website builder or content management system (CMS) as your website platform, you can simplify your task at hand.

But before you make a decision on which website platform to choose, let us try to understand both the options and select the one which matches your business requirements in the best way possible. 

The website builder is a platform that provides you with the flexibility to choose the functions, themes, design and layout that you wish to have for your business from the templates available with them. However, you do not get the opportunity to customize the existing templates by adding icons, designs as per your choice. 

But in CMS, this weakness of website builder is well taken care of. It allows you to customize and change the existing templates by adding additional tags, icons, and images to your template, and hence ensure additional flexibility for your website. 

So, if you are looking for an out of the box design with unique and never seen before elements, CMS is a better option.

As it provides open-source, additional security features, customized features for complex websites as well.

STEP 2: Choose the best hosting plan

Web hosting is a service that enables you to run your website over the internet. 

Here the service provider also known as web host, stores your website files on the server and keeps it running. Whenever a visitor comes to your website, it shows them the relevant content when they click on your URL.

There are multiple web hosting plans available in the market depending upon your budget like shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting. 

These plans provide you with a server shared by many websites to host your website if you have a low budget or you can go for dedicated hosting where a separate server is assigned solely for your website. Thus ensuring faster speed and better security in comparison to shared hosting.

So choose the hosting plan as per your budget for your website to run over the internet.

STEP 3: Finalise your domain name

A domain name is very important for all types of websites. 

It gives an identity to your websites which users can look out for on search engines to visit your site.

So, you need to buy the domain name from Godaddy.com or other such trusted domain name providers in the market. 

Domain Name - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: Hostpapa

Make sure your domain name resembles your website title and, it is not taken up by already existing websites over the internet. 

Even if a particular name that you wish to have for your website is taken up by other players, try to play up with the extensions like .com, .org, .net to distinguish yours from the other one if it matches your business identity.

Also, here is a pro tip for you. Avoid using subdomain offered by web builders as it might create a negative, and unprofessional image in the minds of the prospective target audience and hence prevent them from visiting your website.

For example cakes.weebly.com, cakes.com

Here, weebly.com might confuse the visitor about your website and might give an impression of the underdeveloped website. 

Whereas cakes.com looks much more professional and sounds more professional to the target visitors to visit your website.

STEP 4: Select and customize your website theme

Based upon your business identity, select the template offered by the website platform for your website.

Wordpress - Buffalo Soldiers Digital

Source: WebsiteSetup

Make customized changes, add icons, images, colours and elements that reflect your brand identity and gives it a unique identity from the existing competitors. 

Ensure that it is designed keeping in mind the target audience and help to answer all their queries as simplistically as possible. 

STEP 5: Add SEO friendly content to your pages

Before you start adding content to your website, research thoroughly about your competitors, keywords, number, and type of pages they have added on their website.

Based upon this understanding, prepare a draft content and discuss it with your shareholders and other members of your business to ensure that the essence of your business is very well portrayed to the target audience. 

Ensure that your content is not repetitive, and every page adds value to your target audience. 

Ensure that you use internal linking, keywords, image description, meta tags as measures to make your website SEO friendly that ranks over search engines and drives high traffic to your website.

STEP 6: Finalise a few additional add ons

Fill in all the general details missing on your website and enable additional plugins like app installation, extensions, and plugins to add more functionality to your website that also ensures high speed.

Well, these are the 6 easy steps that help you create your website in seconds.

So let’s get started, and reach out the Buffalo Soldiers Digital for an amazing website development service to make your business stand out like any other top brand in your industry. 







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