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Social Media Analytics Tools- They Mean Business!

As a business aiming for a decent ROI from their social media activity, you would want your performance broken down in a manner that can help you plan and improve accordingly. Are your goals being met? Is your influencer campaign doing well? It never helps a business to take shots in the dark. Ideally what you would be looking for are social media analytic tools. But with the plethora of analytic tools available out there and the cutter of content promoting them, we at Buffalo Soldiers are here to help.

Confused about which social media analytic tools to use?

We have listed down some popular analytic tools with their unique functionalities so that you can choose what you need for your business and explore!


This is one of the most popular platforms to manage multiple social media tasks. It enables you to see which content performs the best and has a higher engagement that will help you to focus on the type of content and make better decisions accordingly.

To know more about their plans and what they offer visit: https://hootsuite.com/plans

Sprout Social

This is another all-time best social media analytics tool to track your performance in social media. It helps you to listen to social media conversations about your company. It can be used across various business types such as enterprises, agencies, and even small businesses.

You can have a free trial of their various plans by visiting their official website: https://sproutsocial.com/pricing/

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free analytics tool that helps you track customers visiting your website and help to increase the traffic to your website. Google Analytics also helps recognize which exact page attracts more traffic and helps you see whether you are guiding your traffic to the right pages. It helps in directing traffic to your website and discover keywords that visitors are using to reach your website.

Create your account now by following the steps mentioned here: https://support.wix.com/en/article/creating-a-google-analytics-account


It has a content analytics tool having features such as social listening, competitor research, and brand monitoring. One of the most powerful features it provides for content writers is the ability to find the most shared links. This helps you to find out trending topics. It gives insights into the top influencers in a niche or industry based on social media reach or engagement.

You can customize your plan by visiting: https://app.buzzsumo.com/settings/plans


With Brand24 you can monitor keywords and find out which of them provides more social media reach and helps you strategize accordingly. It gives you sentiment analysis of different keywords, includes the volume of mention, and provides metrics of engagement. You can also find trending hashtags for any keyword and see how many times that hashtag was used.

Want to find out who is talking about you? To get your free trial visit: https://brand24.com/prices/?t=


This is a great platform to have all your social media tasks in one place. One of the features that sets this platform apart from the others is the ability to mark contents that are evergreen and can be used later as the contents remain valid over time.

You can also view the free tools AgoraPulse provides by visiting: https://www.agorapulse.com/free-social-media-marketing-tools


Keyhole gives you the ability to simplify your report and share results with your team. It gives you details like what attracts your customer attention and saves you a huge amount of time. The tool shows you when your users are the most active which helps you judge your audience’s best engagement along with the days and times.

Visit here for more information: https://keyhole.co/


It is one of the best social media monitoring and analytical tool out there. It collects mentions from news sites, blogs, social media, discussion forums, and other publicly available sources. Authors of mention as well as their demographics can be known. It can detect images that contain your company logo and find influencers who are monitoring your keywords. It provides automated reports directly in your inbox.

Book your Demo now! https://www.brandwatch.com/#form


It is a business dashboard tool that syncs up data from many, many, many marketing tools in one place. It is the number of available integrations that make Cyfe unique. It also covers email, advertising, monitoring, SEO, and web analytics tools.

Visualize your KPI’s through Cyfe by clicking here: https://www.cyfe.com/pricing/


This tool provides competitive benchmarking and finds benchmarks for your channel on social media. You can get reports based on custom dashboards with metrics of your choice.

It has data exporting and well as enables you to track specific KPI’s.

Think of Quintly when you think about competitive benchmarking: https://www.quintly.com/services


If you are looking for analytics tools strictly for B2B companies then octopost is the right platform for you. It helps strengthen your B2B activities by giving you information on how effective employees are on social media. It also helps roping-in employees for advocacy.

Book a demo and have a look at their services: https://www.oktopost.com/solutions/social-media-management


Tailwind helps the most when it comes to picture-first platforms. By picture-first it is majorly used to track engagements, followers, comments, and individual pin levels. It also helps you see your progress over time.

Get smarter with Pinterest and Instagram: https://www.tailwindapp.com/


With Buffer, you can have a more detailed breakdown of your audience and refine your content accordingly. It also helps you analyze your top posts and see whether it helps you resonate with your audience. The buffer extension is a unique feature that helps you grab page titles, preselect your buffer accounts, and get shortened URL. You can also clip texts and images that you love and share them.

Try buffer for business: https://buffer.com/brand-building

This is a lot of information to digest at a time but based on your business goals I hope we could narrow down a few analytic tools for you to explore! Most of the platforms mentions have a free trial period so that you can get a hang of them and then continue with the one you find is suitable.

If there are any kind of digital solutions you are looking for feel free to contact us by visiting our page: https://buffalosoldiersdigital.com/

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