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Skyrocket Your Brand Awareness With Drone Videos

The best way to achieve your Brand’s Awareness is by Triggering Emotions in your Audience. And videos capture emotions in a way that other outlets can’t. Because nobody on the internet wants to ‘read’ what you have to say about your brand when brands are conveying themselves in much less time with much more engaging VIDEOS.

Yes, the brands with their commercial video branding have got YOUR audience while you’re just sitting here keeping your brand away from the new age branding techniques.

So now that you know that, do you know the next crucial thing about how to give your video projects a fresh perspective?

DRONE VIDEOS is the answer. Gone are the days when people used to think drones were aliens spying on them – now, drones are the future of videography.


Drone videography has recently emerged as the trendiest way in marketing, offering a distinctive and engaging method of capturing video footage that can deliver a positive impact on your campaigns. 

Here are some strategies for using drone videos to increase interaction with your digital marketing campaigns, thereby increasing your brand awareness.

Why Drones Are A Game Changer?

  • Aerial Shots

Before the advent of commercial drones, getting an aerial shot required renting a helicopter, hiring a pilot, and timing their ascent into the air. It involves a heavy financial outlay in addition to license requirements, flight plan tracking, timing, etc. The entire procedure consumes a lot of resources and may, in certain cases, compromise the integrity of the event itself.

Drones simplify and improve the quality of aerial photos while also making them far more affordable than in the past.

  • Motion Shots

Drone videography is particularly well-liked for occasions with a lot of swift activity, including athletic events. A drone can move and fly down the court or field directly alongside the players, allowing you to be close to the action without getting in the way. It enables photos and movies to be taken simultaneously while getting closer than a photographer can.


Now that you know the kind of shots that are possible to shoot with the help of drones, the next thing is finding the apt LOCATION. 

Looking for the ideal location to hold your event can sometimes be a task. By just strolling the grounds or glancing at a map, it can be challenging to acquire a sense of the entirety of a location or property. You may get a better idea of the property’s appearance by flying your drone over it. You can then show the film to your team for review and approval. For improved mapping and planning – you can even record difficult-to-see locations while getting an overhead perspective of the area.

Then, with a detailed understanding of everything’s location in the venue, you can utilize those drone pictures to arrange the event.

And that’s not all. These are some more benefits that you can reap from Drone Videography to increase your brand awareness:

  • Website Content That Stands Out

We are all aware that video is the king of content since it is the most effective at attracting and holding viewers’ interest. A report by Cisco claims that 82% of the global internet traffic in 2022 came from videos.

Therefore, the primary objective of the video is to enhance search engine optimization (SEO), as time spent watching a video on a website naturally increases SEO.


Your drone movies can also be added simultaneously to blog posts and websites. Utilizing these videos in the webpages section or page headers is a smart idea. 

Ensure the material is set to autoplay so that your greatest drone videos instantly assist the visitor to develop a connection with your company.

  • Showcase Your Brand

The type of marketing materials you intend to employ can be given new life by drone photography.

It is a great chance to use drones to unleash your creativity and present your company in the best possible light.

Consider the available marketing resources before deciding how you want to enhance your brand’s perception among your audience.

Drone footage in email campaigns and social media platforms yields exceptional results.

  • More Sales

You may be surprised to learn that 64% of website visitors prefer to purchase goods from an online retailer after seeing the video.

You can give your customers exactly the experience they want when you use drone films to highlight your goods and services or explain how to use them.

In addition to these outstanding features, people who watch videos spend an average of 2 minutes longer on the website than non-viewers.

And Therefore…

The drone video’s fascinating shots give everything movement and dimensionality. In addition, your audience has an impressive, lasting image of your brand. So now that you know how consumers’ brains are wired to buy products that showcase video branding over textual branding, it’s time to imbibe this practice for your company.

Look no further to use drone shots to compliment your marketing campaign or to improve your marketing methods as we, Buffalo Soldiers are here!

Buffalo Soldiers creates videos for a variety of causes and objectives. We have our own video production house, EATING POTATOES, and we can assist you at any step of the project you are working on to realize your content concept. Since our business is sector-neutral, no genre is beyond our limits.

With our multifaceted video production services in India, we create compelling and deeply moving narratives that can give life to your business.

To make our case stronger, here’s our culture video:

We Specialize In:

  • Brand Video
  • Social Media Ads
  • Video Case Study
  • Storytelling Testimonial Video
  • Animated Explainer Video

Since now you know how you can skyrocket your brand awareness with drone videos, place the cherry on top with us today only and avail of a free consultation!

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