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Tech Mahindra Global Chess League

Redefining Chess Branding

Client: Tech Mahindra Global Chess League

Conceptualised and created the branding as the lead creative and digital agency, handling the branding, social media management, website development and digital outreach of Tech Mahindra Global Chess League

Making #TheBigMove Possible

Buffalo Soldiers was approached by Tech Mahindra to create a groundbreaking branding campaign for the inaugural season of the Tech Mahindra Global Chess League (GCL).

A one-of-its-kind official franchise league, GCL brings together the top grandmasters and chess icons from all over the world to compete in a never before team format.

A joint venture between Tech Mahindra (part of the Mahindra Group) and FIDE, the league is revolutionising the 1500-year-old game of chess.

Checkmate Boring

The challenge was to redefine the perception of chess as a game that goes beyond the chessboard, showcasing its universal influence and strategic relevance in various aspects of life.

Conceptualised and created by Buffalo Soldiers, #TheBigMove highlights how chess, as a game of strategy and logical thinking, permeates various aspects of our lives, from sports to decision-making to everyday life challenges. It is a creative concept that celebrates the profound impact of chess beyond the black and white.


Inspired by the world of 64 squares, GCL was announced on social media 64 days from the D-day with a campaign that captured the essence of ‘Chess In Every Sport’.

From boardroom to the war room, from airport to the jungle, the signature design of looming shadows of chess pieces encompassed a four-month-long branding effort that made #TheBigMove ready to take on the world of sports leagues.

Changing The Game

GCL, in collaboration with FIDE, brought together chess players from across the globe to compete in a unique joint team format. The inaugural season of the GCL took place in Dubai and featured male and female chess champions playing in the same team. 

The league, played on the popular Rapid format, created history by introducing a multiplayer team dynamic to professional chess. GCL also became the first-ever live televised chess event, providing fans with an unparalleled viewing experience.


The brand film produced for GCL was broadcasted across countries and global broadcasting & OTT platforms, including Jio Cinema, Eurosport, DAZN, Saudi Sports Channel, Shahid, StarTimes, Fox Sports, Kayo Sports, Verdens Gang, WELT, Sportklub, TAPDMV, The Gaming Channel, and S Sport. The film reached an audience of over 2 billion people, contributing to the widespread recognition of GCL.


We executed a robust social media and digital push, resulting in impressive engagement metrics. The campaign achieved over 1.8 Billion impressions, showcasing its resonance with the target audience. On Twitter, the Global Chess League trended at number 1 for five consecutive days, with over 1 Billion reach and impressions on the final day.


The creative concept and comprehensive digital strategy generated immense engagement, reaching billions of people worldwide. By intertwining chess with various athletic activities, we positioned GCL as a game-changing sports league. Our #TheBigMove campaign for Tech Mahindra Global Chess League successfully redefined chess branding by highlighting its universal influence beyond the chessboard.