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Ola Celebrates April Fools by Launching The Ola Air Pro

In the spirit of celebrating laughs and jokes, we have seen companies come up with elaborate pranks and tricks to fool their customers on the occasion of April Fools Day.

Source: Ola Air Pro

Keeping this spirit alive, Ola unveiled the world’s first and only fully autonomous electric flying car and took April Fools Jokes to new heights(pun intended).

The Indian multinational ride-sharing company released a hilarious video that details the launch. You can find it on their Instagram and YouTube accounts. It has already gotten 300k+ views in the two hours of its release.

How did the Idea Originate

If you choose to believe them, 6 years ago Ola had an idea of getting Indians to enjoy flight. They wanted to make a car that flew in the clouds, much like the heads of Ola’s creative team.

Ola has since been working on the car for 6 excruciatingly long years and has done intensive testing and in-depth development with the goal of revolutionising Urban Mobility.

The Features of the Ola AirPro

  • Completely autonomous, the Ola AirPro needs no license to drive or fly.
  • Self-charging PuraCell battery technology, the Ola AirPro needs to be charged only once.
  • No engine to run, the Ola AirPro cabin is the quietest in its category.

Construction: The Ola AirPro is constructed with Ola Alloy – built from sustainably sourced titanium and carbon fibre from fighter jets, F1 Cars and soft drink cans from Shivaji Nagar.

Source: Ola Air Pro

Battery: The Ethereum-ion, PuraCell battery technology uses its own spent energy for eternity. As a result, you will find no charging bricks, blocks or docks included in your Ola Air Pro. You won’t have to buy it separately either(Looking at you Apple).

Source: Ola Air Pro

Artificial Intelligence: Uses sensors, actuators, complex algorithms, and machine learning to map and navigate terra firma and the sky. The Ola AirPro’s AI is supposed to be the best friend material for any driver.

Source: Ola Air Pro

How the Ola AirPro Tackles the Issues of Parking

Source: Ola Air Pro

One thing we cannot disagree on is the challenge of finding a parking spot in cities. As one of Ola’s team member rightfully says, “It took us 6 years to develop this car, but finding a parking spot in urban cities can take longer.” To counter this, the Ola Air Pro can park in a wide network of foldable hexagonal pads installed on every single rooftop in every major and minor city in India.

As we struggle to the pandemic, the creative team at Ola has brought a little humour and fun in our lives, even if it was made in the pretext of April Fools Day. You can watch the ad here, or check out their website.

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