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Making a good cup of tea might take up some precious minutes from your busy morning schedule. Ever wished you could have a ‘Self-Jiggling Tea Bag’ that could squirm all by itself and save you the time? And not just that, how if the tea bag comes with a ‘bag jiggling’ technology that ensures even infusion and superb taste?

In this era of technology, when everything is evolving at a fast pace, why should our tea bags, which give us immense refreshment, remain under-developed?

Well, Lipton – the popular tea brand is here to take away all your woes with its revolutionary ‘Quality Black Tea Self-Jiggling Bag’ that serves you the refreshing drink without giving your hands the trouble of waggling it. 

The tea bag works automatically and hops out of the cup when enough tea has been infused. Isn’t that a great, revolutionary idea – for a prank!!!

Image Source: Vimeo

April Fool’s day is back with numerous pranks. Brands take this opportunity to tickle and spread some laughter among the audience, and, this year too, they have come up with various prank ads that leave the audience amazed and giggling.

One such ad was by Lipton, a popular tea brand that came with the idea of a ‘Self-Jiggling Tea Bag’ prank. The ‘Quality Black Tea Self-Jiggling Bag’ has reportedly come after ‘years of testing’.

As the video proceeds, the tea bag can be seen shaking up all by itself, so you can now leave your tea bag to ‘do its own jiggling’.

The tea bag is equipped with ‘Bag-Jiggle Technology’ for even infusion. 

The video ends by stating that ‘It’s a great day for tea-drinkers ‘ as the tea bag automatically jumps out of the cup after making a perfect cup of tea and hops out of the frame, all by itself.

The very last frame of the video tells that it’s nothing but a prank with the line “Jiggle With A Giggle This April Fools’ Day”.

Watch the video here –

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Arundhati Sensharma