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How Is Google’s New Chatbot Meena?

Ever wondered how much time in a day do you spend interacting with Alexa or Siri?

With increasing craze for these chatbots world over, the average time spent by any user has increased manifold. People across age groups are interacting with these voice-enabled devices like never before. 

As a result, Alexa and Siri have become the most popular chatbots with which people have connected emotionally. These Chatbots have helped to fill up the gap of self-isolation and helped millions of people to recover from the depths of depression. 

Despite all these positive contributions by these Chatbots, they still lack the essence of human touch which the people are looking.

  • Chatbots are not cable of conversation:

All chatbots like Alexa or Siri are technology devices that can interact with humans only with the sentences encoded in them and this pose a drawback that disables these chatbots to give the feel of a human conversation. 

  • Chatbots are not fit for multi-turn conversations:

Unlike humans, the currently existing Chatbots fail to fulfil the need for multi-turn conversations. These bots are unable to consider the broader context while giving a response to human interaction, which creates a feeling of discontentment among them. It leads to a non-human like feeling and leads to dissatisfaction. 

  • Chatbots are closed domain devices:

Chatbots are technological devices programmed to be of the closed domain. As a result, they generate a response to every interaction by identifying the keywords. It highlights the fact that they lack the intention behind the conversation they indulge in and hence at times gives a vague reply which dissatisfies the person interacting at the other end.

So to overcome these challenges in the market of AI-enabled chatbot industry, Google has announced an altogether new version of the chatbot, that will redefine the application of AI in the technological sector by announcing the launch of Google’s new chatbot, “MEENA”.

After extensive research by the scientists and researchers at Google, Chatbot MEENA, is introduced to satisfy all the features lacking in the Chatbots released so far in the market. 

What is Chatbot MEENA?

Chatbot MEENA is a new and revised version of currently existing Chatbots in the market, launched by Google. It has very dynamic features that are lacking in the previously launched range of Chatbots.

Chatbot MEENA is also known as human-like open domain chatbot, based on end neural conversational model that makes it more sensible and specific and gives a human-like feel to the user. 

It also consists of 2.6 billion parameters which make it human-like, sensible, specific, and reduces the response time and confusion before reacting to any conversions and enables multi-turn conversations or perplexity.

To solve these existing problems, Google introduced Chatbot MEENA to simply create a device that is not specific but performs the function of virtually charting anything to the user which is sensible and cable to deliver an outcome from a broader perspective.

What are the most prominent features of chatbot MEENA which make it stand out from the other existing Chatbots?

The ability to talk anything sensible with specifications that give the feeling of personalization while covering the broader context of the entire conversation is the essence of chatbot MEENA which makes it different from the crowd. It has all the essentials required to give a humanistic feel which the user desires. 

So let’s understand these features in more detail to clear out all your confusions.

  • Chatbot MEENA is a sensible conversationalist:

By sensible, we mean that MEENA has highly evolved transformer seq2seq architecture with 13 decoder transformer blocks which help it to create a sensible reply to the user conversation with which he/she can relate.

  • Chatbot MEENA ensures specific interactions:

Chatbot MEENA, embedded with hyperparameters, increases its model capacity by 1.7 times and data storage capacity by 8.5 times. This expansion in capacity helps MEENA to select the right set of words and emotions which are specific enough to answer the questions and conversations of the user.

To understand and analyze these two features even better, Google has devised the human evasion metric, Sensibleness, and Specificity Average (SSA) as a parameter to measure the sensible and specific characteristics of all types of open-ended Chatbots.

This index captures all the basic and important aspects of natural conversations and rates them based on sensible and specific originality.

As per the SSA test chatbot, MEENA has received a rating of 79%, which is very close to human rating of 86% and far above the rating of already existing open-ended Chatbots. 

Let’s take a simple example to explain this even better. Consider a user A and chatbot as user B who are interacting with each other.

User A: I love Cricket

User B: That’s nice

It shows that the reply of user B, the chatbot is not specific. However, if the user B would have replied, “Me too, I can’t get enough of Virat Kohli!” would make more sense.

So chatbot MEENA is an attempt to make such sensible and specific replies that satisfy the need for human assistance.

  • Chatbot MEENA is cable of taking a broader perspective while interacting:

Chatbot MEENA has one encoder block and 13 decoders which analyses every conversation and process it for MEENA to understand and hence help in developing a sensible and specific response as per the subject matter of the ongoing conversation.  

Is chatbot MEENA available in the market for purchase?

 No, chatbot MEENA is still under the testing phase where it is being evaluated based on risks, benefits, and other parameters to ensure that it overcomes the shortcomings of existing Chatbots and fulfills the future expected needs as well.

Once it qualifies all the relevant parameters, the demo of Chatbot MEENA will be available in the market for customer feedback.

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