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5 Tips To Create Eye-Catching Instagram Ads

It is little wonder that Instagram has become the fastest-developing social media platform with the most enthusiastic user base. As a result, Instagram has evolved from a simple photo-sharing app to a powerful marketing tool. Today, 25 million companies use Instagram Ads to promote their products, making the place more competitive.

Fortunately, company owners and marketers can put time and effort into producing eye-catching Instagram Ads that cut through the clutter and effectively communicate the brand message to the proper audience.

#1. High-Quality, Relatable Visuals

Image Source: Ad Espresso

Instagram, as you may know, is a visual platform. As a result, your adverts must stand out aesthetically in the sea of photos and videos on people’s feeds.

They must be able to capture the user’s attention and prevent them from scrolling. People may not even see your ad if it is not about something they are interested in.

#2. Have A Pause Before The Story Ad Ends

Image Source: Later

Keep your Stories advertising’ structure short and straightforward. Give a compelling message about what you want your audience to do. Encourage them to “swipe up” to reach your landing page, then pause for a while.

If you wait until the final second of your 15-second Stories ad to say that readers should “Swipe up to discover more,” Instagram will move on to the next story before they have a chance to do so. Allow enough time for viewers to comprehend what you’re saying before they swipe up on your ad.

Although visitors may return to your ad by going back, it’s more beneficial to allow them 2 or 3 seconds to act.

#3. Make It As Simple As Possible For Viewers To Take The Desired Action

Image Source: Pinterest

Using a call-to-action button, you may direct your viewers to do the action you want them to take, whether it’s to learn more about your product, explore your product list, or make a purchase, regardless of your ad’s goal.

Advertisers on Instagram should include a call-to-action button that takes users to the appropriate landing page. 

You can also create Instagram ads that monitor sales leads, allowing you to evaluate your ad campaigns and learn what performs best for your target demographic.

#4. Ensure That Your Targeting Is In Line With Your Audience And Desired Outcome

Image Source: Sprout Social

So many wonderful ads have gone wrong as a result of sloppy, inappropriate targeting. Making the ad appealing to the audience you want to sell to is the lowest-hanging fruit in marketing.

Forgetting essentials like age, locality, and language, and working with consumer data and interests, are all table stakes in advertisements, yet they are frequently overlooked in the pursuit of unique content.

The simple fact is that even the best creative resources in the market won’t sell to consumers who aren’t interested in what you’re offering.

They will not buy, and even worse, they may click and waste the budget, ignoring MER, ROI, and ROAS.

#5. Experiment With Various Visuals, Formats, And Placements

Image Source: Ad Pushup

One thing to keep in mind regarding Instagram advertisements is that there are no hard and fast rules around what works best for particular businesses. It’s possible that an ad structure or positioning that works well for one brand won’t work well for you. If you want to achieve the best results, you must test your advertisements as much as possible.

This is especially crucial for eCommerce firms since they often cater to a wide range of customers with different qualities, habits, and interests. So, much as you’d test different eCommerce marketing techniques, you’ll have to test what sort of ad works best to reach and appeal to a majority of your target demographic.

If you’ve run a lot of Instagram feed ads, you might want to try Stories ads. As small and medium businesses don’t utilize Stories as frequently as larger firms, this might provide you a major competitive advantage.


These five great tips for eCommerce organizations may assist you in creating effective Instagram ad campaigns. High-quality visuals and captivating descriptions are essential. However, conduct analysis and evaluate your findings to acquire a precise sense of what works best on your target audience.

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Arundhati Sensharma