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Buffalo Soldiers Joins Oxygen For India To Help India Breathe Again

Team Buffalo Soldiers have joined hands with Oxygen For India to save someone’s life today and help India BREATHE again. Our teammates are volunteering round-the-clock to ensure oxygen is accessible across the country.

Global giants like Tech Mahindra, Yahoo, United Airlines, Logitech, UiPath, Apptio, Verizon Media, Health Cube and many others have already joined hands in this mission.


Because INDIA is crippled by a human catastrophe, unprecedented in our generation. The second wave of COVID-19 has literally taken the life out of our healthcare systems.  The numbers are stark: 95K ICU beds vs close to 400K new Covid patients daily.

And COVID-19 has become personal. Deeply personal. Everyday, we are waking up to lives lost – someone’s friend, a friend’s father, a colleague’s relative, a dear friend, or a direct relative.


As part of this partnership, Buffalo Soldiers is using its digital marketing and design expertise to create awareness for OxygenForIndia campaign and maximize the impact. The effort to raise funds have already crossed more than $11 million, much more than the initial goal to raise $400K.

Oxygen For India is on a mission to ensure that an oxygen cylinder is reached into a household where its needed so there is limited need for hospitalization, further these cylinders will also be offered to those already in the hospital so that they can come back home and recover.

“The goal is to ensure that medical oxygen reaches those who need it the most, as quickly as possible. OxygenForIndia is using a triaging system that involves specific local hospitals operating in low-income communities across India to identify patients in greatest clinical & economic need,” says Sumon K Chakrabarti, Co-Founder & CEO of Buffalo Soldiers.

“Providing medical oxygen cylinders helps at various levels. It can take care of the majority of patients at home without the need for hospital admission. And it immediately helps hospitals enable turnover of beds to allow new patients to be admitted. One reason hospitals are not able to discharge patients is because they have no medical oxygen support at home,” says Arnab Kundu, Co-Founder of Buffalo Soldiers.

The team at Buffalo Soldiers is creating byte-sized videos with high production values or compelling designs to create awareness across the globe. “Design is not about how it looks, but how it works,” says Sumant Chawla, Co-Founder & Head Of Design at Buffalo Soldiers.

Join the movement with Oxygen For India – an initiative making available oxygen accessible around the clock. You can make a difference by making a donation for the cause or even by making a post on your social media with the hashtag #OxygenForIndia.

Take a step. Make the difference. Because it’s time to do our bit for India.

DONATE NOW to our partners in this journey:




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In 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we became the first agency in India to make an everyone working with us an OWNER.  Every teammate owns equity at Buffalo Soldiers.

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