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Branding On A Budget: 5 Strategies For Small Businesses

Small Businesses and start-ups often have a tight budget in the initial days of their business. While some fail to cope with the costs and leave the market, some are wise to allocate their resources wisely and develop into big corporations. 

If you want to take up this challenge and market yourself to your customers without spending much budget, here are some solutions that can help you do so.  

Use free Social Media (Wisely)

Social media is the go-to when it comes to business. While paid social is truly effective, organic social creates the foundation of brand trust and audience loyalty. You can not spend a single penny and still manifest your existence on the social canvas. All you need is the creativity and knowledge of your potential audience. For example, if you are a healthcare brand, posting motivational quotes and statements emphasizing the importance of health is a great approach. 

Source: Single Grain

Use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to establish your presence and demonstrate your products and services. Tweet about them on Twitter and use LinkedIn to connect with potential clients and customers. Make testimonials and UGC videos and publish them on YouTube. 

Publish (unique and engaging) Content

Content is (still) the king. Content in the form of a blog, an Instagram post, or a YouTube video, if done right, can be highly captivating. A high-quality blog can be the foundation of your marketing endeavors. It can also improve your ranking on the Google search results. To generate great content, you must commence from knowing your target audience. In the data-driven era, you can lay hands on a plethora of consumer data and use them to reach your potential customers. Performing keyword research is also a great way to generate relevant and engaging content. With the right string of keywords, Google will reward a higher ranking to your blog that will boost your reputation within your industry. Also, do not forget to link those blogs on your social media channels.

You can also create engaging and valuable video content because first, it is easy to consume, and second, they create a long-lasting impression on human minds. You can also optimize and re-use old blogs and videos incorporating recent research and statistics. 

Launch Email Marketing Campaigns

Source: Hubspot

The cornerstone of Digital Marketing, Emails are a great way to convert leads and build audience loyalty. You can start by offering compelling deals in exchange for their emails. For example, a user can avail of a 30-day free trial by inputting their name and email address. Once you have a list of your subscribers, you can start sending them tempting emails to initiate an immediate response. This can include abandoned cart reminders, Wishlist reminders, newsletter sign up, delivery updates, new product arrivals, and sales announcements. Make your subject lines creative and compelling that will encourage them to take the next step. Also, make sure you do not spam your subscribers’ inbox that can frustrate them and they may end up unsubscribing you. 

Partner with other Businesses

Industry Partnerships are yet another great way to gain exposure to a wide range of audiences and get access to marketing know-how and customer bases that they could not have achieved alone. This partnership can be offline through events and collaborations, and online through contests and webinars. Identify your potential partners and reach out to them proposing a collaboration. Pitch the concept of the campaign you are going to run and communicate how it will benefit both parties. Once your campaign becomes successful and produces desired results, you can continue to partner with different businesses that provide more products and services than you and your former partner. 

Host Informative webinars 

Hosting Webinars is a convenient marketing tactic on a low budget. A webinar can be regarded as an online seminar. An informative webinar will provide fruitful information to potential audiences and promote your services at the same time. If you can demonstrate your knowledge on the affairs of your industry you are most likely to be found by potential clients and businesses that might be interested to collaborate with you. In short, you will gain more exposure and build connections with potential clients and customers. Make sure you promote the event days before the scheduled time across all social media platforms.  

You need to spend money to make money. True indeed. But, when you are tight on the capital you can leverage these takeaways and still make abundant money.      

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Ishika Mitra