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Accolade For Arijit: Our Co-Founder Is Now A Bonafide Indian-Australian Youth Icon!

When people told me and my fellow co-founders that we were crazy to leave our cushy job in media to run our own start-up, little did they know, and for that matter us, we would get noticed for more than just our work!

It was moment of pride for us when in November, one of our co-founders, Arijit Banarji, was selected as one of 15 Indian delegates for a track-II youth leadership program, Australia-India Youth Dialogue (AIYD). This platform is run and recognised by some of the top-tier Australian educational institutions, supported by both India and Australia governments, and discusses on a range of topics which helps in forming policies for both the countries to enhance the Indo-Aus relation.

A full list of the AIYD delegates for their 7th edition can be found here, with this year’s theme: Digital Disruption

This came soon after when he was selected by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), Australian Government, who were developing a video series titled “Inspiring Alumni” campaign to profile Indian students who have studied from Australian educational institutions and are involved in successful, offbeat or interesting careers and vocations.

This “Inspiring Alumni” campaign was made to promote their education sector, showcasing this to potential new students and others to choose Australia as their study, work and travel destination. By showcasing this campaign to schools, principals, and parents, Austrade is building up a campaign to tap into the growing student market that India has to offer. Just last year (2016), around 60,000 Indian students chose Australia as their study destination and this number is set to rise in the years ahead.

In his free-time, Arijit is often involved with the Indo-Aus relation, as a member of one Australian alumni network, keeping in touch with the Australian High Commission and really believes this relation is something that India almost lost out. Australia, in his words, is never out of his radar!

Lastly, it feels good to know that one of our own was chosen to represent not just our start-up but also the growing relation between the two countries.

Here is the video commissioned by Austrade:

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