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What Are The Advantages of Hiring A Creative Ad Agency

Everybody is online, from your neighbors to your uncles to your meddling colleagues. Some have gone out of their way to make an account by virtue of keeping tabs on you and leaking the secrets of your life to your parents! Jokes aside, to have an online presence is the way of the world right now – especially if we talk about businesses. 

Revenue generated by advertisements in India in 2021 was ₹746 Billion.

To gain an advantage, you need to broadcast your business. As the legendary car maker Henry Ford once said:

“You can’t build a reputation for what you are going to do.”

Branding is not an esoteric promotional feature only a few companies can partake in. Anybody can use this process to create a strong and positive perception of an enterprise. It’s the overarching idea associated with your product or service and how it might define itself in the eyes of the customers.

But, how does one even choose the right channel and the ideal route to promote themselves? Can they do all this work independently, or do they need to hire a full-service creative agency? These are some of the questions we will answer in this article. Let’s take a dive ↓

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What is a creative Ad agency?

A creative Ad agency specializes in various services under the umbrella of marketing and advertising. They can strategize how a business serves its customers, design product creatives, integrate technological solutions into business practices (SEO is one example), and of course, advertise how a business markets itself and its product and services.

The range of services can vary from:

1. Strategy Services

2. Content Creation

    • Copywriting
    • Blogs and Articles
    • Annual Reports
    • Case Studies
    • Explainer Videos
    • Animated Videos
    • Graphic Design
    • Motion Graphics
    • Presentation Design

3. Measurement and Analytics

4. Communication Services

    • Influencer Marketing
    • PR
    • Sponsored Content

Advantages of Hiring a Creative Agency

Advantages of Hiring A Creative Ad Agency - Infographic

Now, since we are on the same page about the workings of a creative Ad agency, let’s take a look at the benefits they provide to your brand.

  • Social Media Growth

In the digital era, everything is about numbers. How many followers your brand has, how many people engage with your content, and how expansive your reach is on social media. These are some of the factors that can make or break a brand’s positioning online.

With the help of a full-service creative agency, you would be able to leverage the power of social media, more broadly. They would help you set up a brand’s tonality, ideate, curate, and execute the brand campaign, and provide you with analytics in terms of the demographic that your brand caters to the most.

  • Fresh Outlook

Getting a fresh perspective on something you’ve spent days, weeks, and months on can be highly beneficial for a brand. Sometimes we get stuck in our own ways and can’t find a solution to a problem. Receiving a new outlook on an issue can untangle the unnecessary knots, and your brand can barge its way forward.

In India, the market size of advertisements is vast. You can rejuvenate your brand and yourself with the help of unique ideas to propel the brand into newer heights. A creative agency in India can be a catalyst for your brand’s newfound growth.

  • Brand Development

A creative agency enhances your brand by curating unique identities and powerful ad campaigns. Identifying the right target audience and preparing the content that appeals to the consumers. 

To survive a brutally competitive space your brand’s visibility is of utmost importance. A creative agency would know marketing behavior, and they would be well versed with the ability to make customers engage – helping you position your brand formidably.

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  • Collective Expertise

We are not saying that you are not someone who isn’t adept at marketing. Of course, you are, given you’ve built this business by yourself and have now established yourself as a real player. But, you can’t expect to understand all the ins and outs of various plugins used on your website, the different SEO tools needed to generate organic leads or the nuances behind a social media campaign.

That’s where a full-service creative agency comes, as they provide you with a comprehensive set of solutions to all your marketing problems. They have the expertise and the skill needed to ensure that the goals you’ve set for your brand get met.

  • Flexibility

One of the key features to stand out from the crowd of monotony is to be flexible. Flexible enough to accommodate and adjust according to what the market wants and still be able to deliver the results of the highest order.

Content flexibility is a prerequisite to having an emphatic presence for your brand online. We don’t want to sound like a broken record, but a creative Ad agency would never shy away from conjuring up rapturous ideas to keep the content flowing.

  • Value for Money

We don’t know about the rest of the world, but the patterns and habits don’t differ, but when we talk about ROI, agencies in India, as an entity, rarely disappoint.

You’d be acquiring the services of content writers, web developers, PPC experts, social media managers, and much more. As mentioned before, a creative agency’s entire work revolves around enhancing your brand’s profile.

And Therefore…

India has a digital population of 658 million people, and the market value in 2021 is ₹537 Billion.

If you don’t have a plan or a strategy to generate attention and garner new consumers, you’re already lagging behind compared to your competition. But, if you hire a creative Ad agency, you’d be the one who will be dictating the space and calling the shots in the upcoming years. The choice, as they say, is yours.

We are Buffalo Soldiers, an award-winning creative agency in India. We provide 360° services for all your marketing and branding needs. Our stellar track record speaks for itself, and the clients we have managed commend us for the uptick in business we’ve helped them achieve. 

Are you looking to do the same? Reach out to us, we offer a free consultation to help you curate a brand marketing plan.

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