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Football Content Writing Internship For World Cup 2022

We are looking for 7 Football Writers & Social Media Interns to work in team FootTheBall during World Cup 2022.



We are looking for bright, passionate, hard-working and great writers to be a part of our team through our internship program.

All internships for FootTheBall are PAID.

You Will

Internship Requirements


FootTheBall is a growth stage start-up. FootTheBall explains the happenings in the biggest global sport – from Brazil to England, America to Australia, South Korea to Argentina, India to Nigeria – tailor-made for the Change Generation – people from every corner of the globe who are challenging the status quo, resisting the obvious and bucking convention. We’re committed to producing premium, original storytelling across mediums to help you live curiously and understand the game that make life worth it.

Football (or Soccer as they call it some parts of the world) is not about the score line. It is much more than that. At FootTheBall, we delve into the sport that is called The Beautiful Game and go beyond the score line, everyday. Because football is the fabric of our lives and players of all colours and genders stitch it together.

We help you understand the game through different layers of story-telling : textual, creative and videos.

Our office is based out of 91springboard in Sector 1, Noida (Delhi NCR), India 201301.

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Our office is based out of 91springboard in Sector 1, Noida.

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