An Ultimate Guide To Advertising Your Business

“Damn these ads on YouTube, everywhere you go, these ads somehow follow you, and know exactly what you want, it’s scary yet fascinating.”

Surely, at least once you must’ve heard someone talk about the prevalence of ads, and how accurate they are in terms of our immediate needs and even thoughts.

Let’s burst a myth here, advertising isn’t scary, it’s a ladder that you must climb, and the earlier that you get your hands on this ladder, the higher you’ll be than your competitors, especially in global hubs such as Toronto. Before we get into the game, let’s start with the basics.

What is Advertising?

“The activity or profession….” No. We’re not here to preach. Anyone can Google “What is advertising” 

Let us understand advertising with a real-world example:

So, advertising is basically when companies try to grab your attention and convince you to buy their stuff. That is it in a nutshell.

It’s like when you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and you see an ad for a new brand of coffee that claims to be Justin Trudeau’s choice. (not really, but you get the idea).

In Canada, one funny example of advertising was when Tim Hortons launched a campaign featuring a donut covered in Froot Loops cereal. They called it the “Froot Loops Dream Donut” and people went crazy for it (including me!). It was a clever way for Tim Hortons to get people talking about their brand and to introduce a fun new product.

Ultimately, people talked about TH and eventually bought its products. Tim Hortans has only grown in recent years. So much so, they have expanded their business by opening more than 5100 stores in 14 countries, including India.

Check out their case study here.

This is what advertising does in a perfect scenario.

Why Advertise?

It’s simple. It just makes people interested in buying a particular product.

And not just things people need, even things people were never interested in buying in the first place.

Do people really need the latest iPhone, as some folks claim?

Or is it that Apple advertised its products over the years in such a manner that has its latest product becomes fundamental for the Crème de la crème layer of the society?

We’ll let you decide.

To make brands like Apple, here are a few aspects that advertising helps you with

  • Increases Brand Awareness
  • Brings potential customers, which can be converted into repeat customers.
  • Promotes sales
  • Helps with introducing new offerings to the market

Marketing vs Advertising

Marketing is like the cool, popular kid in school who knows exactly what everyone wants and how to make them happy. It’s all about creating products and strategies that people will love and keeping them coming back for more.Advertising is like the flashy, attention-grabbing cheerleader who’s always trying to get people to do something. It’s all about creating persuasive messages and media that make people want to take action, like buying a product or signing up for a service.
Example: When Apple does extensive research to understand what their customers want and then creates sleek, user-friendly products that exceed their expectations.Example: When Coca-Cola runs a TV ad during the Super Bowl to get people excited about their brand and drive sales during a specific time period.
Marketing is all about building long-term relationships with customers and making them feel like part of a community.Advertising is all about getting quick results and generating immediate sales or responses from customers.
Marketing encompasses a wide range of activities beyond advertising, like branding, public relations, and sales.Advertising mainly focuses on paid media, like billboards, TV commercials, or online ads, to grab people’s attention and make them take action.

Types of Advertising

We’d be lying if we just say there are these 6 particular ways of advertising.

Each and every day, advertisers come up with new and unique ways to advertise their products.

It won’t be long before even animals in zoos will start singing jingles for brands (Just kidding) but we’re sure our exaggeration made the point.

Let’s start with the most fascinating, and probably the most expandable area of advertising; digital.

Online Advertising: How to Advertise Through Digital Means.

“The internet has an average of 4 bil-”

No, this would’ve been a point of value in 2003, literally everyone is aware of the internet’s scope these days.

So yeah, almost everyone uses the internet, and the scope is beyond comprehension.

1. Advertising Through Paid Search

All search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing, provide a form of paid advertising called pay-per-click (PPC). The process involves bidding on specific keywords and displaying ads at the top or sides of search results.

Advertisers can display their ads above the organic search results when users search for specific topics using these search engines This feature of PPC is particularly beneficial as it places advertisements in a prominent position, making them more visible to individuals searching for related topics.

2. Social Media

Of course, Social Media is beyond the “Big 4” Social Networks but if you’re new to this place, it’s better you stick with the best.

The combined market share of these platforms is in the billions, so it is safe to say these platforms do cater to a large number of audiences.

Let’s talk about ads on Facebook.

  • Facebook

Facebook, being the biggest social media platform, has tremendous potential, and we’ll tell you why:

This platform literally caters to all TGs, from teens to adults to retired professionals, and almost everyone interacts on Facebook.

From the biggest brands to HNIs to common citizens of the world, Facebook has all of them.

  • Instagram

Instagram, even today, is growing exponentially. Instagram has become the go-to platform for all influencers and celebrities considering how fluid, fast, and relatively minimal the platform is.

Instagram ads have a lot of potential considering the highly engaging audience it has, ads start at Instagram for low as 99 cents.

  • Twitter

Twitter isn’t as popular a platform as Facebook or Instagram when it comes to ads (Doesn’t mean it isn’t popular) most businesses and conglomerates use Twitter as a platform for official communication.

While Facebook & Instagram cater more to media and entertainment, LinkedIn & Twitter are more into conversations with professionals and corporates.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more of a go-to Social Media platform for B2B advertising, not saying it’s only for B2B, but it’s better to use LinkedIn in this space as compared to other platforms.

3. Sponsored and Native Ads: 

Sponsored ads are advertisements where a company pays to have its brand or product promoted on a website or social media platform. Native ads, on the other hand, are advertisements that are designed to blend in with the surrounding content, so they don’t look like traditional ads. Instead, they’re meant to provide a more seamless user experience while still promoting a product or service.

4. Banner Ads:

Banner ads are one of the most common types of online advertising. They’re typically rectangular or square images that are displayed on a website. When a user clicks on the banner ad, they’re taken to the advertiser’s website. Banner ads can be static or animated, and they can be displayed at the top, bottom, or sides of a website.

5. Print Advertising: 

Print advertising includes ads that appear in magazines, newspapers, and other printed materials. These ads are typically static and can include text, images, and graphics. Print advertising can be a good way to reach a specific audience, such as those who read a particular magazine or newspaper.

6. Billboards: 

Billboards are large outdoor advertising structures that are typically located along highways or busy streets. They can be static or digital and can include text, images, and graphics. Billboards can be a good way to reach a broad audience and create brand awareness.

7. TVCs (Television Commercials): 

TVCs, or television commercials, are ads that are broadcast on television. They can range in length from a few seconds to a few minutes and can include text, images, and video. TVCs can be a good way to reach a wide audience, but they can also be expensive to produce and air.

We’re sure that you must’ve seen thousands(Not exaggerating) TVCs so giving an example wouldn’t make sense.

Except, brands have now started to play with QR codes in TVCs. To illustrate, Burger King ran a TVC with a QR Code to a free whopper. 

Genius, isn’t it?

8. Radio: 


Radio advertising involves promoting a product or service on a radio station. Ads can range from a few seconds to a few minutes and can include text, audio, and music. Radio advertising can be a good way to reach a specific audience, such as those who listen to a particular station or show.

9. Advertising during events: 

Advertising during events involves promoting a product or service at a live event, such as a concert or sporting event. This can include everything from sponsored booths or banners to branded merchandise. Advertising during events can be a good way to reach a specific audience and create brand awareness.

Paramount Pictures did an amazing campaign to amplify their movie “Smile”

Read this case study to know more about this genius campaign

How to advertise – can you do it alone?

Yes, you can do advertising on your own, but we would recommend not. It’s like you can learn how to cook, but if you’re opening a cafe, you’d probably hire a competent chef, right?

There are many advertising agencies in Toronto that can help you navigate through this confusing and complex world of advertising. These agencies have a team of experts who know exactly how to make your brand stand out from the rest.

The best advertising company would be the one that understands your brand’s values and has experience in your industry. They will help you identify your target audience, create a marketing strategy, and execute stuff flawlessly. I mean, dozens of people will be working on your project, so they’d obviously do it better.

Hiring an advertising agency in Toronto has many benefits. They have access to tools and resources that are not available to the general public, they have industry connections, and most importantly, they have the experience and knowledge to make your company conversational out there in the world

Tips from experts

Define your TG: Before you start advertising, it is important to define your target audience. This will help you create ads that are tailored to their needs and interests. Again a cooking example: you’d probably not open an ice cream shop in Winnipeg. The same goes for advertising, not 100% exactly, but we’re sure you get the drift.

Set a budget: Duh! Advertising can be expensive, so it is important to set a budget and stick to it. Determine how much you can afford to spend and allocate your funds accordingly. 

Create a unique message: Your message should be unique and different from your competitors. This will help you stand out from the crowd and grab your audience’s attention. Unique doesn’t mean irrelevant tho.

Monitor your results: Keep track of your advertising results to determine what is working and what is not. This will help you make adjustments to your advertising goals as needed.

Inspirational Ad Campaigns

Here are some examples of inspirational ad campaigns that have stood out from the rest:

Nike – “Just Do It”: This iconic slogan has been a part of Nike’s advertising campaigns for over 30 years. It is simple, inspiring, and speaks to its target audience.

Apple – “Think Different”: This campaign celebrated creativity and encouraged people to think outside the box. It was a huge success and helped establish Apple as a leader in innovation.

Coca-Cola – “Share a Coke”: This campaign encouraged people to share a Coke with friends and loved ones. It was a huge success and helped increase Coca-Cola’s sales. “Bro, it’s kinda hot, wanna share a coke?” is something that we personally have heard a bit.

And therefore…

Advertising is an essential part of any business. It helps increase brand awareness, brings potential customers, promotes sales, and helps with introducing new offerings to the market.

While advertising can be done on your own, it is recommended to hire an advertising agency in Toronto to help you navigate through this complex world.

We are Buffalo Soldiers, a full-service creative agency with a digital heart. Our team of experts relishes the challenge to transform brands by deploying the right marketing tactics. We know what we are doing, and our track record speaks for itself.

Reach out to us – we offer free consultation and will help you curate a marketing plan that is tailor-made for your business.

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