Powerpoint is
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A PowerPoint is about visual
storytelling, clear and compelling.

Bad Slides Kill Good Ideas

So we embark on a journey with your slides. Using visual storytelling, and expertise to provide a range of powerpoint presentation design services, including eLearning design, training in advanced PowerPoint, Google Slides, presentation skills, and more. Whether it’s in the form of audio, video, or text, our designs will keep your audience engaged and interested. Our simple, transparent pricing structure is included on each of the service pages.
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Top Presentation Design Agency In Canada

Do you want people to say “Whoa, that’s really impressive” or “Oh man, I wish I had that”? We’ve got the designs for you. WOW your audience and capture their attention right away. Don’t waste your valuable time searching for free PowerPoint templates. As a presentation design agency born in India and made for the world, we help you conceptualize, structure, and animate your slideshows to solve your business problems with the power of clear, compelling, and effective design. With our extensive marketing communication experience, we’ve got your back.

Because Your slides matter.

Designing a bespoke presentation will help you position your business in a way that is unique to you. A personalized presentation shows professionalism, enhancing your brand and image.

And there is no single presentation that helps you achieve all your goals. To design a truly great presentation, you need to balance the science of persuasion with the art of connection. Harnessing both tactics will enable you to make a positive impact on your audience.

Presentation Design

There is a saying at Elon Musk’s SpaceX: “Presentation makes a rocket go straight.” You may know that this is true of every business.

No matter what change you want to see, we can create a visual story that will speak to
their emotions, immerse them in the narrative, and bring your persuasive message to

We customize designs, reinforcing your brand and making it stand out from the default
and boring content!

Sales PPts

Don’t just sell your products; tell them with a story.

Start now. Don’t stop. A great product will change the world for the better. You can do
this. Make something that people love. This is your chance to make the biggest
impression possible with our presentation design agency.

Investor Presentations

Investors know they have to hear your story. But they don’t have time to sit through hours of slides and data. So, how can you keep them engaged? How can you win funding with a presentation that nails the story?

We’ve witnessed the power of storytelling, and we understand how to use it to push any product forward, and allow you to capture investor dollars. Investors care about outcomes. You have to prove that your company is going to generate a Return on Investment. So why not make your presentation videos look as brilliant and polished as
the AI you’re building?

Presentations are an amalgam of a whole bunch of things – content, data, visuals, research, proof points, messaging…the list goes on. Great presentation storytelling acts as the glue
between all these elements, ensuring that a strong structure and powerful Call to Action deliver results for you and your audience.

Conference Presentations

You’re at a conference, standing in front of an enormous crowd, and making your big presentation. The crowd is glued to your every word. You pause for dramatic effect, and then you reach into your back pocket and pull out…

What if you could make your presentations as exciting as a movie trailer? Introducing
PowerPoint Karaoke: where you talk to our experts and they sign to your tune! Create the most mesmerizing and captivating presentations with our presentation design services that will blow your mind.

Pitch Decks

Don’t waste valuable time searching for free PowerPoint templates or freelance presentation designers online that will only make your critical PowerPoint slides look standard and theme based. Just think about it—you’ve already worked hard to educate, entertain and inform your prospects about the value of your offer. Why let your final slide presentation end up as another missed opportunity to generate leads and sales? You’ve put in the hard work. You’ve nurtured your audience. You’ve led them seamlessly from awareness, towards purchase and now you have their trust. Now is not the time to lose it. Approach our powerpoint presentation design services so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

Marketing Presentations

We have three main goals: increase brand awareness, acquire new business, and generate leads.

That’s when you need your marketing presentations to be perfect just as much as you need your rocket to land on Mars.

For years, companies have wasted their marketing budgets on the wrong presentation. In the digital world, we live in now, the same presentations at each event don’t even cut a robot’s ice.

Your marketing presentation should be just as considerate, and just as crafted, as any other campaign. We help you build marketing presentations that create a strong, memorable experience for your audience.

Your marketing presentation should be an art, something that is created through the knowledge and experience you have.

The power of PPTs has to be experienced in person. So come and check out our wide range of sales PPTs, learn more about our custom presentation design services, or have a chat with one of our creative experts. From start-ups to Challenger brands to Corporations, we have helped them all sell their ideas with our beautiful slideshows.

Become the winning salesperson and dominate presentations with our proven techniques. The brownie points come free!

So Why Are You Here? There Must Be A Reason.

Presenting is the most undervalued skill we know of.

The problem with B2C or B2B sales presentations is that misinformation is usually passed from one sales rep to the next, causing potential leads to losing interest. Are you sure you’re delivering a flawlessly written pitch deck? Have your pitch decks been peer-reviewed?

Nobody cares about your presentation but you. This is because you’re an intelligent human who knows that to get a meeting, you must send an email with a PowerPoint attachment. Boring!

How We Work?

Do you want to stun your keynote audience and make them ask, “How did they do that?” Our award-winning presentation design agency in Toronto specializes in creating professional, unexpected presentations.

The presentation’s design, content, story, and delivery should be unique… You deserve a great presentation because that’s what we do best. We will ask you about your objectives, message, and audience because we need to design for their needs.

How It Works For You?

We create transformative experiences, right down to every visual detail.

Slides are just an artifact of poor presentation. The best presentations are retold and shared across the world with just their voice and personality. Our narrative is geared toward the subject matter at hand, not the slides. We create a stage for your objectives to shine.

Presentations should be tailored to the audience. We ask questions about your message and audience. Create a presentation that is perfect for you.


Why is the design and format of a business presentation important?
For a better understanding of the relevant data and to create more indulgence. A business presentation speaks on behalf of your business. Your company as a whole is a living being. A presentation design agency in Canada such as ours would use the amalgamation of the mindsets of the team members to create a basic standard margin tonality to relay a more effective impact.
How do you design and deliver an effective presentation?
You will see a pattern here -the concept of understanding. We keep in mind the scale of the event, the psyche of the client's consumers, the environment where the presentation will be delivered, and who will be the one to deliver it. An effective presentation needs structured planning for perfect execution.
How can you make a presentation more attractive and meaningful?
Buffalo Soldiers incorporates design elements with the narration needed for the presentation. Any presentation needs the art of telling the story, and, the genesis of the content of a presentation. Buffalo Soldiers excels in presentation design services and telling stories for a narrative-driven background.
Are you able to design within our very strict corporate brand guidelines?
Yes. We are flexible and adaptable to any corporate brand guidelines
We have highly sensitive information. Will my data remain confidential?

Yes. We sign an NDA for confidential and sensitive information whenever it is required.

Why Choose Buffalo Soldiers for Presentation Design Services?
Buffalo Soldiers is an award-winning full-service creating agency. We provide presentation design services in Toronto and have a proven track record in various verticals of digital communication. Reach out to us, and we will give you a free consultation.

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