Video is not about
what you see!

Businesses that use video can grow their revenue 49% faster than those without video


Trigger emotions, Create awareness, Make Merry

We make videos that generate leads, go viral, and inspire trends. When you work with Buffalo Soldiers, you get a creative video production company in Toronto that makes content with real impact. Our cognizance in regard to corporate principles and objectives is astute, and we work creatively to dovetail with your preferences.


Corporate Videos

Brand Videos

Drone Videos

Social Videos

TV adverts

Training Videos

Product Videos


Motion Graphics

Educational Videos

Explainer Videos



3D Visualisation

Premium Video Production Company in Toronto

With our multi-dimensional video production services in Toronto, we produce compelling films and emotionally engaging
storytelling that can bring your business to life. Top Canadian companies use video and film production houses every day to tell their stories.

An organization dedicated to producing high-quality digital content, Buffalo Soldiers works around the clock to provide the greatest results.

Shaping Perceptions & Behaviour With Video Production

As a film production house in Toronto, we design films that are engaging, pop-relevant, and create impact with target audiences. Our new generation of storytellers helps you every step of the way – from initial creatives, storyboards, and scripting through production and editing.






Strategy & Seeding

Video Solutions For Every Stage of The Funnel

As one of the best film production houses in Toronto, we create videos to serve brands, markets, thought leaders, and the public at large.

At Buffalo Soldiers, our area of expertise is multi-dimensional communication using all available digital media. We are experts in producing digital content in various formats.


That’s a wrap

5 Videos Every Company Needs

We make videos fit for cross-platform viewing. From video styling to innovative concepts, we create versatile video content to match the platform and the message.

Every project we work on aims to create workflows and procedures that offer services of the highest caliber quickly and affordably.


Brand video


Social Video Ads


Video Case Study


Storytelling testimonial video


Animated explainer video

Our Approach

We don’t create that omnipresent bullshit brand video for you.

So for our own show-reel, we chose to RAP it. Because that’s who we are! Therefore, we create bespoke cost-effective packages for every one of our customers.

So Why Are You Here? There Must Be A Reason.

Because video production is more than what meets the eye. We are a team of award-winning new-age storytellers, strategists and producers. We work with brands of all shapes and sizes to create insightful, responsive advertising and communications. We’ve been producing everything from national TV advertising campaigns to marketing films, corporate videos, online video content, sponsorship idents and plenty more over the last 15+ years.
How We Work?

We design VIDEOS, for the first-time advertiser to market-leaders, with the same passion, a little charm and of course, EATING POTATOES!

How It Works For You?

Number 1: We are obsessed on hearing that one word from you and your customer: WOW!

Number 2: We give you the 360 degree experience in video, film, animation and motion making. Period.

Our Video Production Services

Creative Video Development – ideas, scripting, storyboarding, visualizing

Video Production- planning, logistics, recces, rehearsals, scheduling

Video Filming- single and multi-camera, RED, HD/ 4K/ 8K, lighting, sound, gibs, tracks and gimbals

Drone Filming, 360 and VR video- immersive and interactive experiences

2D & 3D Animation- motion graphics, graphic styling, visualisations, explainers and immersive

Video Editing- multi standards, formats, colour grading

Sound and Music- sound effects, music libraries, licensing, voice-overs


What types of Videos does Buffalo Soldiers make?
Buffalo Soldiers makes videos for all causes and goals. We are a video production company in Canada, and we help you achieve your content idea - during any stage of the project, you’re currently working on. Our company is sector agnostic, so no genre is out of scope. We make:
  • Brand Video
  • Social Media Ads
  • Video Case Study
  • Storytelling Testimonial Video
  • Animated Explainer Video
We provide video production services in Toronto for cross-platform viewing. From video styling to innovative concepts, we create versatile video content to match the platform and the messaging.
Does Buffalo Soldiers handle an entire video production project or only parts of it?
End to end - We are a full-service video production company in Toronto. This entails but is not limited to planning, ideation, storyboarding, scripting, shooting, and editing. However, if you require help in certain phases of the project - we are more than happy to provide our services for any part where our skillset is needed.
How Long does it take To Produce A Video?

It depends on what kind of project it is. If it is a corporate video - 2 weeks. But if it requires ideating, scripting, and filming, the process can be a bit longer. 


Our goal is to deliver high-quality videos from their inception to delivery as quickly as possible. Buffalo Soldier’s team of experts excels at finding the granular details to make the output worth it.

Why choose Buffalo Soldiers for Film/Video Production Services In Toronto?

Not to toot our own horn, but we have worked with companies and clients from varied fields and areas of interest. As mentioned earlier, we are a film production house in Canada and are sector agnostic. We have the experience of producing videos and films in all formats. Be it a TV commercial, a documentary, or a corporate video - we trail blaze with ease and always deliver the results. 

The defining factor about Buffalo Soldiers is that we don’t work for you - we work WITH you

How many people will be part of the film crew when you come for shoot?

Once again it depends on the size of the project. Suppose it is a TV commercial, the crew is larger. But, if it is a smaller project - the crew can be 10 people.


Buffalo Soldiers is accommodating when it comes to a shoot, and we assign our resources based on the size of the work that is needed.

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