Do you Want to Optimize your Google Ads to make the most of your budget?

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How to Optimize Your Google Ads?

Optimizing Google Ads in 5 steps


Have A Clear Objective

You need to have the bigger picture at the forefront of your thought process before starting any campaign. Keep these things in mind:

- What are my advertising goals?
- What are my overall business goals?
- How do I get specific with my conversion goals?


Target longtail keywords

Consider trying some “long-tail keywords,” or longer keyword phrases of three or more words. Because they’re less obvious or prevalent, there’s less competition for these keywords, which means they also tend to have a lower average cost per click.


Target Specific Locations

If you have a local business and want to drive more customers, showing your ads nationwide could consume a chunk of your budget without getting you closer to your goal. 

Change your Google Ads targeting settings to show your ads only to people close enough to visit or in other places important to your business so that your budget gets used more effectively.


Use Ad Schedule

Google publishes ads every hour of every day of the week. There is a likelihood that you won’t be generating as many sales or leads at 4 AM as you were at 4 PM.

Implementing ad hours allows you to tell Google what time and days you want your ads to run.


Landing Page Optimization

The goal here isn’t just to create an ad that someone clicks. It’s supposed to create an ad that someone clicks on to find the product or information they were looking for.

A bait and switch tactic is a BIG NO NO, as it not only affects your sales but also your Google Ad Quality Score, causing you to drop in the rankings.


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