Tips To Increase Social Media Followers

1. Leverage multiple platforms

Life doesn’t end at Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter. To put things into perspective, these platforms take just 50% of the social media traffic. There is a mammoth amount of potential on other platforms such as Reddit, Snapchat, Tumblr, Quora, and Pinterest among many others.

2. Keep your audience engaged.

But how? There are multiple ways. 

Users just LOVE giveaways, how about doing a valuable giveaway in which users have to tag their friends? Less effort, but a big reward for the user. This way, you can fetch a healthy number of followers.

An AMA (Ask Me Anything) session over different platforms works wonders. You get to know and interact with your audience on a much more personal level.

3. Go LIVE – Do something different.

Speaking of unconventional, MrBeast did crack the “Unconventional code”.

He happens to be the individual with the most YouTube subscribers on the planet. And guess what? He got his first taste of fame by going Live and counting to 1 Million without stopping.

The takeaway here is that users do like, and even search for something different on the internet. Manipulating platforms isn’t usually the key, just try to create what your audience might find amusing.

4. Create an unorthodox bio.

Let’s just say, you’re a sneaker brand. A bio that says “We are the best sneaker brand in the country” sounds cool, but how about “Kick bruises and uncomfortable walks away, check out our latest comfort wear at

You can see the difference, right?

Your choice of words matters a lot. Again, you need to go unconventional & unorthodox to crack this puzzle.

5. Create User Generated Content OR Create content WITH users!

Creating content in collaboration with users is a relatively new concept. There is a huge scope to understand and crack this space better than other Social Media users.

6. Do collaborations with other pages.

If you haven’t heard of the Zomato-BlinkIT collab, you’re in for a ride.

A very recent collab between these 2 hyperlocal giants literally broke the internet. It is quite fascinating how the brands leveraged the difference between their services, to market them both using a mere billboard.

7. Use New-age tools.

The amount of new-age tools available on the interest is massive. ChatGPT is the king of conversations these days. There are many tools that you can leverage to increase your followers over social media. 

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