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Rohit Prakash

Rohit Prakash

Team Lead, Creative Content & Head

Wants to be Jim. Ends up like Stanley. He’d rather be working at Dunder Mifflin.

He’s got a diplomatic tongue. He’ll love you like family. He’s always up to kickball.

Escapes 🏃

  • Football at his feet. Old monk in his hand. Not at the same time, of’course. Wait, why not?

Also Responds To 👂

  • “Hey, gorgeous man. Hey!”

Fun Facts 😆

  • He’s made beds and served tables at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai.
  • That’s where he met Chris Martin!

Anatomy 💪

  • 40% - Wes Anderson
  • 60% - Steven Spielberg

Known Predators 👽

  • People who don’t pass on the football field

Words Often Used 🗣

  • Correct.
  • Fosho.
  • Sick stuff

Identifying Marks 🆔

  • Sexy smile.

A GIF That Describes Him 🔥

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