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Pranay Mazumdar

Pranay Mazumdar

Team Lead, Social Media and Paid Marketing

Never afraid to explore ideas deemed by others to be too bizarre. Loves to travel. Dreams to be a musician someday!

Escapes 🏃

  • Anywhere with zero connectivity, music, movies and people.
  • And of course, alcohol

Fun Facts 😆

  • Jammed with Ayushmaan Khurana and Rahul Ram
  • Took 10 hours to complete a 6 hour trek

Anatomy 💪

  • Sugar
  • Spice and some vice

Known Predators 👽

  • Spiders
  • Lizards
  • Death eaters

Words Often Used 🗣

  • Wow!
  • F***!
  • Cool!

Identifying Marks 🆔

  • Normally roams around in PJs and sneakers

Usually Doesn't Responds To 👂

  • Anything except Pranay!

A GIF That Describes Him 🔥

What He Thinks

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